DarkDB.rb is a command-line mission data reader/writer for Dark Engine games, Thief 1/Gold/2 and System Shock 2. This includes '.mis' and '.sav' files.

DarkDB.rb exists to allow players and mission authors to edit mission parameters as they wish.

Using DromEd to edit the mission data tables, such as Mission Quest Data, works, of course. But DromEd can introduce or change more mission data than just the desired values. Perhaps that won't cause issues, but that's unknown, especially without play testing.

Therefore, this program only changes the desired mission values and keeps the rest of the mission data untouched so that it matches what the original mission author intended.

NOTE: Mission values can only be edited. Values cannot be added or removed.


  • Operations
    • List all key-value pairs of a DarkDB table.
    • Get DarkDB table key-value pairs by key.
    • Set DarkDB table values.
  • Supported Tables
    • DromEd Info Window Data (BRHEAD)
    • Mission Quest Data (QUEST_DB)
    • Campaign Quest Data (QUEST_CMP)

Example Use Cases

  • Edit loot goal values.
  • Add or remove map screen pages.
  • Edit DromEd 'Info Window' data.

The project page has the latest version, more information, and examples:

To mission authors, if there is a mission data table that you would like supported, please feel free to let me know. I'll do my best to add support.