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Thread: How would you continue Garrett's story after Thief 3?

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    How would you continue Garrett's story after Thief 3?

    Most importantly, how would you keep Garrett as the main character, and not just the mentor figure for someone we wouldn't care about as much (the girl)? How would you keep her on the side, but not completely irrelevant? What would be the main threat in the post-Keeper world?

    Of course you can come up with anything you like, to me Garrett *is* Thief, and any other character becoming the main protagonist would be immediately much less interesting, so that's why him being relegated to just a mentor figure is not what I would like to see.

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    It could be as simple as Garrett mentoring her for a few months, and then she goes off on her own. He will periodically check up on her, or request her help, but that's as far as it goes

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    i would offer to be a consultant on storyline for a post thief 3,i know the story very well, and have a lot of possible idea's for a direction

    and yes dewdrop will be part of the story

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    and yes dewdrop will be part of the story
    A more powerful, cursed Dewdrop, that causes hauntings wherever it's placed. Garrett hides it in the antagonists' lair to undermine them

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    I wrote a script for a continuation, still got it somewhere

    The basic idea was the invocation of the final glyph didn't just eradicate glyphs, it eradicated all written language

    Quote Originally Posted by Esme View Post
    In a drawer somewhere I have a draft script I wrote for a T2 campaign following on from T3, sadly that's as far as I got, my dromed skills are not that good.

    The basic idea is the final glyph didn't just destroy glyphs, it destroyed all written language by breaking the link between the words & their meaning, yes I know it doesn't work like that here, but we're talking about a universe with magic in it, so why not have a breakable link between words & meaning.

    Anyway, the words are still in the books but the link to what they mean has been broken so they can't be understood, so glyphs don't function but neither do the words in a diary or a ledger.

    People can write things knowing what they mean to say at the time but when they try to read back the words later they no longer make sense.

    So our hero saved the world by plunging it into anarchy, rich people can't access their bank accounts so they are suddenly not rich, landowners can't prove ownership, bar bills & rent don't mean squat, law and order are non existent, credit relies on memory.

    People resort to more primitive & violent means because gold is still gold, more is still better than less.

    But if you have it you need to defend it, possession is all of the law not just nine tenths.

    So everyone who can be is armed & will defend whatever they have to the death, because those without ...or who just want more, know if they can take it they can keep it and they can get away with murder if they are discreet about it.

    Also the creatures of the maw were held back by glyph magic and want out, now the only thing holding them back is the few keepers who memorised the necessary spells before they lost their meaning and the act of holding back the beasts is draining them, they are dying one by one.

    The spells can only be communicated in writing as they are not pronounceable but Garrett screwed all that up with the final glyph so when the last keeper dies, the beasts of the maw will take the world.

    No pressure then.

    Garrett has to undo this as his hand activated the final glyph no one else can undo this ...also the keepers want their knowledge back and cheerfully will rat him out to all & sundry if he doesn't so he can't always count on keeper support.

    And no, there's no kid or apprentice in this.

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    i feel pagan magic should be the thing used and not alter the ending of thief 3,maybe have murlocks involved as they were they most recent addition in game lore with so much not known about them, they had magic also, so no need to rely on keeper gylphs in post thief 3 it would just be altering the story when not needed

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    I would find it difficult to continue after Thief 3. If I was creative director of a new Thief game, I'd probably retcon to the ending of Thief 2. After all, the last lines were along the idea that "All was written? And there's more?" As much as I wanted to know more about the Keepers, the group we saw in Thief 3 felt less like a force seeking balance and more like a group of people who enjoyed feeling superior and controlling things as they wished. All that comes down to Gamal poisoning the direction of the Order though.

    Open world between missions sounds cool in theory, but it took away too much of the mystery of the City. The episodic nature of the first games is fine and helps keep the variety of the mission settings without creating a crazy looking city layout to accommodate.

    As for a plot, it would be interesting to try and build on the idea of Garrett being a thief by having the Keepers assigning him to reassert balance in the City by moving wealth from the rich to the poor - through stealing and reassigning ownership of deeds/companies, though discovering and exposing corruption, by leaking company information to the public so they negotiate better with employers, by breaking monopolies. Parallel to that, Keepers would be interested in keeping a moral balance to society and want to reinvigorate the Hammerite Order to revive the stability they brought, leading to missions dealing with helping them retake the Old Quarter and establish charities (even if the resulting mission is just to rob blind the mansion of a wealthy detractor to fund a new Hammerite soup kitchen).

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