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Thread: Help Needed: Zombie AI Tuning

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    Help Needed: Zombie AI Tuning

    Hi. I want to make changes to zombi's intelligence in the game Thief Gold. I know that changes are made via gamesys. dml. I do not know the ID of this class. What should I write? What kind of code is needed? Please write it

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    you can alter hearing, vision and similar. you will need some basic Dromed editor knowledge to be able to write dmls, if you don't have that, you will need someone to write the dml for you. once it exists, altering the values is easy.

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    The AI_VisCtrl variable is very interesting. It can change the player's visibility. How does it work?

    What variable values need to be changed so to make the player less visible if he is standing in a semi-dark room? But I don't want to change the visibility of the player if he is standing in a brightly lit place. Can someone write some code for an example ?

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