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Thread: Issues with Thief 2

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    Issues with Thief 2

    Whenever i try to play a T2 fan mission through AngelLoader there's 2 big issues. The NPC's are locked in place and whatever weapon i select cant be used. It shows on the left but not in hand to use. The game is up to date with all the patches and enhancements. Its installed on another drive and the exe is patched to bypass CD. The CD install is in a folder there too. I dont know where this all went wrong. Maybe when i started getting an error using Darkloader with a T2 fan mission? I got rid of Darkloader and switched to AngelLoader. Works great with T1/gold but T2 has issues. Not sure if anyone here has had this issue. Ugh i really dont wanna wipe all of T2 and start from scratch.

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    I use FMSel myself but I have Steam copies of the Thief games as well as CD copies so they run through Steam. No issues with running any FMs.

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    i use fmsel for thief 1/g not sure what version of thief gold it is = all works fine

    i use newdarkloader for thief 2 not sure what version of thief 2 it is = all works fine

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