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Thread: Imported T1 Object Won't Accept Mesh Textures Remap

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    Imported T1 Object Won't Accept Mesh Textures Remap

    I imported bedham.bin into T2's Dromed for a project I'm working on, as well as the corresponding bedh texture for the blanket. I'm trying to remap a new texture for the blanket onto the bed in Dromed, having changed the shape of another bed to bedham and typing in the proper bed texture GIF to Mesh Textures, bedh.GIF. However, the replacement texture will not take, and it remains the same despite my efforts. I tried editing the bin file's texture info in a hex editor, and that only made the texture of the blanket map to Jorge. What am I missing here? I've looked for an answer, but no luck.

    Edit: And now, after some fiddling, I'm finding none of the bed objects will accept Mesh Textures remapping.
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    Mesh Textures property works only on AI meshes - not objects.

    If you want to have textures replaced on objects, you need to apply one of the TxtRepl r0 (r1, r2 or r3) properties instead. (they're in the Shape menu)

    However that works differently to Mesh Textures. Your object model needs to have actually replaceable textures applied in the .bin file. Their names goes respectively: REPLACE0.gif, REPLACE1.gif, ...., REPLACE3.gif. These are standard Thief textures - you'll see they're just a placeholders, with a respective number on them.

    Regular textures cannot be replaced using TxtRepl r0/1/2/3 properties.

    Also, make sure, that your new textures sit int the obj/txt16 folder, for them to be found.

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    How do I set replaceable textures to an object? Do I rename them "replace" and put a number beside them, and then do I edit the .bin file to have those textures?

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    If you just want to change the textures for different ones, you just need to change the texture name in the bin via a hex editor. Replace0-2 textures are for if you want the user to be able to replace the textures themselves.

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    Thanks for all your help, guys! I think I've managed to get textures working on the objects I wanted because of it.

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    Another option would be to change your texture file names to those in the obj file.

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