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Thread: Thief Gold - The Scholar's Hand (2nd June 2023)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marbrien View Post
    I don't think so. But with patience it is possible to lure them into the lake near the inn where you start!
    Thank you, it's a kill joy for a gameplay but fair enough for a stealth game, good thing a solution has been found to get rid of them.

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    Thanks so much for this FM nicked - I just dipped in with a quick look and it's my entertainment now for later tonight - can't wait to get stuck in!

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    Mission completed. BTW, I loved the various book titles - esp. the humorous Meredith and the Lusty Burrick by Derek Nobbins ha!

    Top quality nicked as always - now to go back and do every nook and cranny on a restart.

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    Thanks Nicked another amazing mission. Appreciated the lack of loot goal, meant I could speed through it in 40 mins, can't wait to replay it and explore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zappenduster View Post
    <...>I'm afraid there must be a missing script in my installation, the candles are frobbable but I can't extinguish them so it often was too bright and I was forced to knock out more enemies as usual. Frobbing those eggs with a pebble had no effect, they only lighted up. <...>
    That sounds familiar. Btw a typical situation for some time - NVScript for T1 (ver1.27 or newer) doesn't work correctly on WinXP / XP64 / S2003
    NVScript126-T1 works fine in this case btw - frobbing eggs, the candles, working rock crusher etc, finished this great mission with 126-T1

    *** T2-FMs with NVScript works without problems on XP-11, the problem exists only for T1-FMs with NVScript-T1 on WXP

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    Finally got around to playing this great fun mission, and what a joy it was. Had to check the forum to discover your not meant to kill the Craybeast in order to get your rewards, and at the same time read about the red skull, but found that one my own and what to do with it.

    Overall a joyful adventure slogging your way up a hill whilst hiding from a small army of undead.

    Fun fact, according to Dromed it only took 26 hours for Nicked to make the whole mission and I guess that includes alterations made during beta testing, that’s awesome, just like the mission itself.

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    I think that's 26 days, not hours. I may be fast, but I'm not that fast.

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    Oops. Think it’s time to get my eyes retested.

    Out of interest, if you spent 26 days actually working on Dromed, approx how much more time would you have spent planning, making models, preparing etc work for this mission, as much as another 26 days?
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    This one was mostly stock, so just a bit of time here and there. But it's usually alongside, I'd most likely have Dromed open when I'm sourcing or making custom resources. A good chunk of that 26 days will be where I left Dromed open on the PC and went to do something else for a few hours too.

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    Now I had the time to play this.

    I really loved the unique setting and exciting storyline. I mean - it felt so isolated and fearsome to ascend that mountain region with in mind that a tyrannical type of person recently took over. The different locations and sections really bordered between the vibe of an undead and a mansion/keep mission. Well done tense, but not too frightening atmosphere.

    I'm quite happy that the mines section was not too long, because avoiding zombies on loud gravel soil is not in my top 100 reasons why I love playing Thief.

    I really loved the tribal/jungle type of ambients in the Great library.
    The crayman of course was a nice addition.

    The final area reminded me a very similar one from Malazar's Inscrutable Tower. This long-forgotten area had a feel of fading and peacefulness at the same time.

    The keep looked great - maybe a general comment on the level - a little bit more plants and trees would have looked even better.

    This will definitely be part of my future replay list!

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    There is certainly something spellbinding about this FM. Whenever I play it (finished, but still not 100%!), it induces a trance-like state in me that persists for the rest of the night.

    also, that dude hidden in the ruins creeps me the hell out!

    The story was great. I really loved the sense of urgency instilled from the start. The beginning made me want to kill every human enemy I encountered (unlike the undead, whom I largely let roam), which is rare in Thief! Fortunately, we are given ample means to wreak pain here, too .
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    One manner of replay I foresee in this FM is

    1. Going full pacifist and not harming a single critter.
    2. Playing until I get the ???
    3. Unleash all hell upon everyone!

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    Finally finished the mission. Nicked's missions are always something that you have to mentally work yourself up to in order to play-I mean that in a good way. Very much enjoyed it! There have been quite a few Thief missions coming out that have the feel of the old 'silver screen' horror movies. This one captured that feel. I also appreciated all the references to other missions and topics in the library.

    Someone mentioned earlier that the mission has a trance like affect and I second that! I remember I stumbled into the ruins without completing the primary objective and I wandered around the ruins listening to the music and soaking in the desolate atmosphere and became completely immersed in the I was trapped in a Gothic painting. The music pairing with the different parts of the mission was spot on.

    The community appreciated this and every mission that comes out. I always try not to bother new authors about when their material will come out because at the end of the day...they are doing this as a favor. We wait for stuff like this to be released. Thank you!

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