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Thread: Blender Motion Importer/Exporter (it does FLAGS!)

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    Blender Motion Importer/Exporter (it does FLAGS!)

    A while ago Telliamed wrote some Python scripts that could convert between Dark Engine motions and BVH.

    I decided to intregrate this into Blender as an addon:

    In addition to streamling this conversion (the original needed the command prompt or batch files), the Blender addon also supports motion flags.

    We could manage flags in Weyoun's editor, but editing the motions themselves is so much easier in Blender, so this is the best of both worlds.

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    Awesome work, might have to give this a try.

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    Minor update.

    There was an error when importing .cal which prevented the tempoary .bvh file from being deleted. This has now been resolved.
    General info page and source files:

    Addon in zip format for download and easier installation:

    The bvh delete problem was due to the file not being closed.
    Also added code to correct a joint offset error for human .cal files.
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    im mostly staying off the forums until i can really get back into thief stuff, but—

    this looks really useful! especially the motion flags; i had been pretty comfortable with exporting .bvh files and running a single batch file to reconvert all my .bvh's into motions, but i did not have any kind of sensible way of setting the motion flags. so i am really excited to try this out if and when i get back into dromeding

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