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Thread: System Shock 2 - Missed A Sim Unit...

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    System Shock 2 - Missed A Sim Unit...


    it seems I missed a SIM unit before going to deck 5. I don't know which one I missed though. Any advice on what to do about that?

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    Do you have a spare SIM card? I believe they're colour coded, though I'm afraid I don't know which one is which. They're listed in the wiki, so it shouldn't take long to find them.

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    Did you get the spider ambush? The sim unit that triggers the ambush is in power ops. You'd remember it. The other sim units are in the command center and up in the offices. I think the one in the offices would be the easiest to overlook.

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    Hm, is that the one with the weapons locker, the prison and all those robots? I was busy getting through without getting killed, lol. Just went there, I already activated it.

    I think there was one where you had to climb down some stairs at the very end of the map... this is the only one of the three that I haven't checked and didn't find again.

    Where is the bloody thing?!

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    Got it! It was exactly where you said, just missed the corridor. Thanks!

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