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Thread: Global warming & geoengineering

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    DuatDweller, I'm fed up with that rubbish of yours, especially after finding about the same as Starker here. And since you're resistant to real discussion, and instead prefer to dig up lots of babblings by people who apparently (but oftentimes not really) support your view. I think I'll rather talk to a wall now, that one at least doesn't tell me rubbish with the speed of a machine gun.

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    Never mind you're not ready.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DuatDweller View Post
    Scott Pruitt
    Scott Pruitt isn't an expert on these matters, or a scientist. He's an oil company lobbyist who was appointed to run the EPA by guys backed by oil companies.

    Scott Pruitt ... received major corporate and employee campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry, taking in at least $215,574 between 2010 and 2014 even though he ran unopposed in the latter year.
    This is literally putting the fox in charge of the henhouse, then taking it seriously when he says that henhouses shouldn't have fences.

    Oil companies were giving him campaign donations even when he wasn't running against anybody. He's a crook and was taking crooked money.

    Then, what would you assume a crook would do if they get power?

    By July 2018, Pruitt was under at least 14 separate federal investigations by the Government Accountability Office, the EPA inspector general, the White House Office of Management and Budget, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, and two House committees over his spending habits, conflicts of interest, extreme secrecy, and management practices.

    ... On July 5, 2018, Pruitt announced he would resign from office on July 9, leaving Andrew R. Wheeler as the acting head of the agency.
    ... he did crooked shit and got fired. What a surprise ...

    "but he was the head of the EPA" really means very little here.

    He was just lying about what he said. Lying is what they paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars to do! It's the entire reason they gave him the job!
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    Why should I know this guy never heard of him before.
    Besides is nearly impossible to search on the web against the ideas that the CABAL ruling this planet are forcing on us via mass media news sites.
    And again this is not my opinion.
    In fact I was surprised to know that global warming was a CABAL invention.
    The CABAL is a powerful elite, apolitical with no allegiance to any country, they don't care who rules the world, what countries sink and which rise to power.

    This is the opinion of an advanced civilization on our science, tech, and even incomplete and misguided history.

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    It's hilarious that people think DoTheGeek and DuatDweller are the same person, like their personality modes and concomitant issues are so interchangeable that they present as the exact same. DD's already said he was Martin Karne in a previous life on this forum; I guess that's what happens when no one draws you a map of the Duat on your internet tomb - you wander the sunless maze of your own mind.

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    Yes, it comes to my advantage that people thinks I'm insane, because they give no weight to what I say, so I can be safe from the killers of the CABAL.

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    Don't forget garlic around your neck. That is also very important...

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    Humans are not doing a great job lowering carbon emissions, so scientists are searching for ways to buy the world time to kick its nasty fossil fuel habit.
    One idea is marine cloud brightening (MCB), and a new study says that MCB could also create cloud cover, making it an even better ‘painkiller’ for climate change that previously thought.
    However, there’s a lot scientists still don’t know about MCB, including how it could affect ocean circulation patterns and rainfall on land.
    Coming as a surprise to no one, 2023 was the warmest year on record. And that’s just another step in an already disturbing trend that sparked the creation of the Paris Climate Accord in 2015. There’s just one problem: the world is falling behind its emission-reducing commitments.

    The world is currently on track for 4.8 degrees Celsius warming by the end of the century, which is far above the 2.7 degree Celsius goal. To realize that less-apocalyptic goal, the world needs to cut 28 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions that it’s currently on track to produce, according to NPR. It’s undeniable that the world is in a bit of a time crunch, so some scientists are pursuing a Plan B—solar geoengineering. If successful, it could buy humanity time to fully kick our addiction to fossil fuels and embrace the green energy revolution.

    Now, a new study by scientists at the University of Birmingham (in collaboration with other U.S. and European universities) discovered that one of these geoengineering techniques—a technology known as marine cloud brightening (MCB)—could be a more effective “painkiller” for climate change than previously realized. The researchers created a “natural experiment” by closely analyzing cloud behavior as related to the periodic eruptions of Mount Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.

    These natural injections of aerosols into the atmosphere mimic the overall goal of marine cloud brightening, which (in simple terms) also injects aerosols—in the case of MCB, hyperfine sea salt particles—into clouds to increase their brightness and reflectiveness. However, the team found that MCB actually gets most of its cooling effect from creating cloud cover. The results were published in the journal Nature Geoscience on Thursday.

    “Our findings show that marine cloud brightening could be more effective as a climate intervention than climate models have suggested previously,” University of Birmingham’s Ying Chen, the study’s lead author, said in a press statement. “We must continue to improve fundamental understanding of aerosol’s impacts on clouds, further research on global impacts and risks of MCB, and search for ways to decarbonize human activities.”

    Using machine learning to pore over historical satellite and meteorological data, the team created a predictor that showed cloud behavior during inactive volcano periods. Then, the researchers could easily identify how the volcano directly impacted clouds. Turns out, natural aerosols increased cloud cover by 50 percent during volcanic activity, with a cooling effect of -10 watts per square meter (negative is a good thing).

    “Our findings suggest that MCB may be quite effective for alleviating climate warming, although it would probably manifest as an increase in cloud cover rather than cloud opacity, as the MCB terminology implies,” the paper reads. “This best practice would be particularly effective in tropical oceans where incoming solar radiation is strong and background environment is clean (that is, clouds are more ‘pristine’).”

    While MCB has been around since the 1990s, the idea has been grabbing more headlines as the world continues to warm. The New York Times reported just last week that the University of Washington conducted its first MCB experiment off the coast of Alameda, California.

    However, any kind of climate tool under the tech umbrella of “geoengineering” will draw some suspicion. Scientists, for example, aren’t sure how MCB could affect ocean circulation patterns, or if it could increase rainfall in some places while reducing it in others. But proponents emphasize that the world is already being geoengineered by human-created greenhouse gasses, and that the side effects of MCB could potentially be preferable to the the devastating costs of climate change.

    There is one area of agreement between both camps—MCB isn’t a solution to climate change—but evidence is growing that it could be one way to lower the planet’s symptomatic fever while we attempt to treat the carbon-induced disease.

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