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Thread: How to play fan missions remotely via Steam Link?

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    How to play fan missions remotely via Steam Link?

    I'v tried adding AngelLoader as a non-Steam game but that procedure doesn't work. Host PC runs missions with no problems but the remote device jams on desktop. Apparently Steam Link can't run both apps simultaneously: AngelLoader + Thief.
    Obviously, original missions of both Thief Gold and Thief 2 executes fine remotely.
    Anybody know a proper solution?

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    I don't have any experience with Steam Link, but you may have to use FMSel in this case. AngelLoader is a standalone app that launches Thief by itself, whereas FMSel is a dll that runs when you launch the Thief executable. So that should remove the middleman as it were, and would probably work I guess?

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    Hmm... it had been a while since I used my Steam Link, but I just tested it and it works fine on my end. By that I mean I'm able to run both AngelLoader and TG/TMA/TDS without a problem.

    I did not add any of the games or AngelLoader as a non-Steam game, if that makes a difference, and I don't play the Steam version of any of them. I also don't use the Big Picture Mode. I just stream my Windows 10 desktop directly.

    To be clear, to work on Steam Link, a game or application doesn't need to be within your Steam account. In many ways, Steam Link basically functions like a really long monitor cable.

    If you haven't already, you might try testing a version of Thief not in Steam. You mentioned that you added AngelLoader as a non-Steam game. Did you try it before you added it? Just making sure, because Steam itself doesn't like launching two different games or apps at the same time.

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    I've been testing on different PCs and you're right Twist, both Thief Gold and Thief 2 fan missions works fine being streamed via Steam Link from desktop, and the only issues are related to performance or connection quality. However, using AngelLoader as a non-Steam game, Thief Gold fan missions do not work.

    My problem is that I have my reasons to wanting use a custom game controller setup via Steam Input, and that doesn't work streaming games or apps directly from desktop. But it's a progress be able to do it in Thief 2 fms. Thanks to both for the tips.

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    I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm belaboring the point, but I just want to make sure we're on the same page.

    When you say: "However, using AngelLoader as a non-Steam game, Thief Gold fan missions do not work."

    Do you mean: "Using AngelLoader added to Steam as a non-Steam game"?

    Or do you mean: "I'm running AngelLoader completely separate from Steam"?

    It seems to me that the latter should work: Run AngelLoader without adding it to Steam, then have AngelLoader configured to run the Thief Gold executable from your Steam install of Thief Gold.

    If that doesn't work, I would just do what Fen said and try FMSel, since the loader and game are in the same executable.

    Another idea, which may not apply to your situation or you may just not like, is to use a different application for customizing your controls. Then just run both AngelLoader and Thief outside of Steam.

    I've used AntiMicroX with an Xbox controller and Thief/AngelLoader/Steam Link and it seemed to work fine, but I didn't do a whole a lot with it. I was just experimenting. There's also Xpadder and DS4Windows. Of course, if you're using an actual Steam Controller, then Steam's your only option (I think).

    Just some ideas. I hope you can get something worked out.

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    Maybe I should have said: “Using AngelLoader added to Steam as a non-Steam game streamed via Steam Link

    Right now everything works for me except Thief Gold streaming via Steam Link. Neither fms nor original missions works in broadcast. Maybe I should consider restarting from a clean install. With Thief 2 all stream types work reasonably well for me.

    I already have my own profiles for Thief 1 & 2 for Antimicrox and Xpadder and Steam Input, but only the latter works in a stream via Steam Link.

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