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Thread: Just showing Skyrim VR some deserved love

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    Just showing Skyrim VR some deserved love

    Hi, been hooked on playing Skyrim VR for some time now and decided to try to share a bit of that experience with anyone who's curious about what it's like playing Skyrim in VR, and I figured, what better way of doing so than posting a video on youtube
    Yapp very original idea I know./s Sigh!

    I play elderscrolls games like I would a Thief game as far as possible and in VR I've been having such a blast

    So here is a video of stealth gameplay in VR, in Skyrim VR to be precise, and if you're not interested in watching the beginning of the BleakFallsBarrow mission and how it leads up to you ending up breaking into BleakFalls Temple but only wants to get to the action asap, the action would start at somewhere about 21 minutes into the video.

    There is however no run & gun hack&slash in this playthrough, so the action is mostly just me (barely) outsmarting the bad guys using some thief's tools of the trade. Which in Bethesda games translates into mods.
    Yeah stealth is not something Bethesda does as well as LGS did, sorry Emil P, but with the active modding community fixing everything to everyone's liking the solution is usually just a download away in most cases.

    Skyrim is at it's best when it allowes itself to be treated like a sneak'em up/thinking man's game. Unfortunately there are plenty of encounters in the game where brute force still is the way to go, like all the dragon encounters.

    Well enough chatter, here's the video

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    Yes, Skyrim in VR is great, there are so few open world VR opportunities, and Skyrim does it well (I play a little Fallout 4 in VR too).

    I'd be curious to know what stealthy mods you're using for the game though. I know years ago there was a mod that gave you water and moss arrows that was pretty decent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    Yes, Skyrim in VR is great, there are so few open world VR opportunities, and Skyrim does it well (I play a little Fallout 4 in VR too).

    I'd be curious to know what stealthy mods you're using for the game though. I know years ago there was a mod that gave you water and moss arrows that was pretty decent.
    Hi Brethren,

    I will shed some light on what I think of as my "stealthy" mods and just share some info on how I play using them

    yes about mods, as you know most of the Skyrim Special Edition mods work well in VR, but I use a mixture of Skyrim mods and Skyrim Special Edition mods to get my stealth character up to speed. Here they are :

    To lessen the risk of accidentaly stealing I use Sure of stealing
    To make the most of merchants I use the mod Remove 48 hour Merchant Restock delay

    I limit my fast travelling to only places carriages takes me so in order to fast travel to little places outside of the main carriage stops, I use the mod Wait Carriage In Inns
    And to have noicemaker arrows and immolation arrows and blinding arrows I use Shenk Thievery Overhaul
    to make valuable loot shine and easier to spot, I use Loot Vision - subtle glow
    For a thief armour that look the part, I use the vanilla Skyrim mod True Thief Armor
    This has meshes that need to be translated from vanilla Skyrim to the Special Edition, I used the Cathedral Assets Optimiser tool to import the Thief Armour mesh into Skyrim special edition version
    For water arrows I used a vanilla Skyrim mod called Water Arrows
    Mind you that in order to use a vanilla Skyrim .ESP plugin file in Skyrim Special Edition you have to open the plugin in the special edition Construction Kit (you can find the CK on Steam) and just make some harmless change and just save the plugin and you're good to go, the ESP file will work in Skyrim SE.
    To turn valuable items and other loot into gold without selling them to a merchant I use the vanilla Skyrim mod Gold Conversion Mod, which has a chest that you put stuff into and after a few seconds the chest is filled with gold instead. Very handy if you don't want to carry lot of loot around like a donkey
    I also use Thief Fonts replacement for everything Skyrim SE just to add atmosphere
    To have more options in nonlethal takedowns I use the Suffocation Spell mod because it adds a nonlethal spell called ChokeOut which does what the title suggests. I play a thief not a magician so I use a tool called sseedit to turn useful spells into scrolls which a Thief then might use without having magical powers. The thing with SSEEDIT and Skyrim VR is that you have to change the name of the EXE file from SSEDIT (SSEEdit.exe) into TES5VREdit.exe in order for it to work on the VR version of the game. Further more to change spells into scrolls you need to use the mod Scrollscribe se which contains the scripts that SSEEDIT needs in order to turn all the spelltomes in your enabled mods into scrolls that you can create ingame.
    One mod contains a spell that I don't turn into scrolls however and that is Throw Stone -- Simple Distraction Tool It doesn't require macica to cast and it looks the part. In addition I also use Throw Stone -- Simple Distraction Tool (Enhanced)

    I also use Maleficus' Blackjack
    The Abduction mod is also quite handy when used in conjunction with My Home Is Your Home where you can abduct and relocate npc's if you want to steal their home

    When I start the game (Skyrim VR) I put everything I need to start as a master thief into barrels that I place around the torture chamber in Helgen so that I can pick up my gear before the tutorial quest is finished. I need my arrows, I need my bow and I need my special sword that I made in the CreationKit which has special damage to undead, I need my Thef armor, and the Blackjack and some lockpicks.
    I also need to start the game with all the pickpocketing skills and perks maxed out, same with sneaking and archery and lockpicking. This is simply because I roleplay a master thief, not a novice thief that starts as an helpless amateur and grows into a master thief Well in order to do this I use a .txt file which I invoke through the console when starting the tutorial quest. One just writes the codes to the stuff one wants in a .txt file, give a easy name like 1 or something. and then use the console ingame () and write bat 1 and then all your wishes comes through

    my humble list of desirable things I put in the text file is as follows :
    player.addperk 00babed
    player.addperk 007934a
    player.addperk 007934b
    player.addperk 007934d
    player.addperk 0079354
    player.addperk 00105f1c
    player.addperk 00105f1e
    player.addperk 00105f1f
    player.addperk 0058f61
    player.addperk 00103ada
    player.addperk 00103adb
    player.addperk 0051b12
    player.addperk 0058f62
    player.addperk 0058f63
    player.addperk 00105f19
    player.addperk 0058f64
    player.addperk 00bccae
    player.addperk 0079355
    player.addperk 0079356
    player.addperk 0079357
    player.addperk 0079358
    player.addperk 00d8c33
    player.addperk 0058f68
    player.addperk 0058f69
    player.addperk 00106253
    player.addperk 0058f67
    player.addperk 005f594
    player.addperk 0058f66
    player.addperk 0058f6a
    player.addperk 00be123
    player.addperk 0079376
    player.addperk 0079389
    player.addperk 0079391
    player.addperk 0079392
    player.addperk 0051b1b
    player.addperk 0051b1c
    player.addperk 00105f22
    player.addperk 0051b17
    player.addperk 00107831
    player.addperk 00f2ca9
    player.addperk 00c44c3
    player.addperk 00c44c4
    player.addperk 00c44c5
    player.addperk 00c44c6
    player.addperk 00153d0
    player.addperk 0059b77
    player.addperk 0059b78
    player.addperk 00c44b5
    player.addperk 00581e1
    player.addperk 00581e2
    player.addperk 00581fd
    player.addperk 0059b76
    player.addperk 00bee97
    player.addperk 00c367c
    player.addperk 00c367d
    player.addperk 00c367e
    player.addperk 00c367f
    player.addperk 0058f7c
    player.addperk 00108a44
    player.addperk 0058f80
    player.addperk 0058f81
    player.addperk 0058f82
    player.addperk 0058f7e
    player.addperk 0058f7d
    player.addperk 0058f7f
    player.addperk 00cb40d
    player.addperk 005218e
    player.addperk 00cb40f
    player.addperk 00cb414
    player.addperk 00cb411
    player.addperk 00cb40e
    player.addperk 00cb410
    player.addperk 00cb412
    player.addperk 00cb413
    player.addperk 0052190
    player.addperk 00be127
    player.addperk 00c07ca
    player.addperk 00c07cb
    player.addperk 00c07cc
    player.addperk 00c07cd
    player.addperk 0058215
    player.addperk 0058217
    player.addperk 00105f2f
    player.addperk 00105f2e
    player.addperk 0058216
    player.addperk 0058218
    player.addperk 00105f2a
    player.addperk 00105f2b
    player.addperk 00105f2c
    player.addperk 005821d
    player.addperk 00be126
    player.addperk 00c07c6
    player.addperk 00c07c7
    player.addperk 00c07c8
    player.addperk 00c07c9
    player.addperk 0058210
    player.addperk 001036f0
    player.addperk 0058211
    player.addperk 0058213
    player.addperk 005820c
    player.addperk 00105f23
    player.addperk 00105f24
    player.addperk 0058214
    player.addperk 00be124
    player.addperk 0018e6a
    player.addperk 0018e6b
    player.addperk 0018e6c
    player.addperk 0018e6d
    player.addperk 0058202
    player.addperk 00105f28
    player.addperk 0096590
    player.addperk 0058204
    player.addperk 00d79a0
    player.addperk 0058201
    player.addperk 0058205
    player.addperk 00f392a
    player.addperk 00be125
    player.addperk 00c3680
    player.addperk 00c3681
    player.addperk 00c3682
    player.addperk 00106259
    player.addperk 00107830
    player.addperk 005820a
    player.addperk 00105f26
    player.addperk 0058208
    player.addperk 0058209
    player.addperk 00be128
    player.addperk 00c07ce
    player.addperk 00c07cf
    player.addperk 00c07d0
    player.addperk 00c07d1
    player.addperk 0058f72
    player.addperk 001090a2
    player.addperk 00105f29
    player.addperk 0058f75
    player.addperk 0058f7a
    player.addperk 0058f7b
    player.addperk 0058f79
    player.addperk 001090a5

    player.setav alchemy 100
    ;player.setav alteration 0
    player.setav marksman 100
    player.setav block 100
    ;player.setav conjuration 0
    ;player.setav destruction 0
    player.setav enchanting 100
    player.setav heavyarmor 0
    player.setav illusion 0
    ;player.setav lightarmor 100
    player.setav lockpicking 100
    ;player.setav onehanded 100
    player.setav pickpocket 100
    ;player.setav restoration 0
    player.setav smithing 100
    player.setav sneak 100
    player.setav speechcraft 100
    ;player.setav twohanded 100

    player.modav magicka -100

    player.modav health 500
    player.modav stamina 5000

    player.additem 0002F2F4 1
    player.additem 000E3C16 1

    now as the list sure gives lots of magic related perks and sets lots of magic related skills to max, which seems odd given that the list is for a non magic using master thief, I must admit that, well I do that in case I later want to change into a magician y'know so I have that option available to me, but by setting my magicka to -100 my character is at present unable to use magicka, so my thief character remains a non magic wielding person despite it all.

    Wow that took some time to write, hope it helped in some way

    If you also want a txt file to help you out when overencumbered by too much loot, create a .txt file and perhaps name it 2
    then when needed, just call on it ingame through the console writing bat 2 then press enter. The code you need in your 2.txt file would be : player.setav carryweight 9999
    The boost in carrying capasity would need to be re established on your next playthrough thow, as it doesn't carry over with your savegameinfo. If you want to boost your carrying weight capasity permanently I believe a mod like Leveler's Tower is the way to go,

    I should also mention that the txt files you want to call on through the console ingame, has to be placed in the same folder as SkyrimVR.exe
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