Hi! First time poster, long time fan of the community and resources here. I just recently came across a strange problem when trying to load Thief Fan Mission's using the !FMselect tool included with TFix. I am using a GOG copy of Thief Gold as a base. I had been loading missions no problem for months, and was actually streaming them regularly having a good time. Then suddenly I would select to play a mission, the selector would close as if it was going to load into Thief, and then .... nothing. I was kinda bummed, but figured something corrupted somewhere. I started with a restart. No dice. I uninstalled and removed all files, then freshly installed everything .... same thing. I can't tell you exactly what is going on, as it was working fine for a long time. Usually when something is still giving problem's after fresh install I think of Registry entries being a problem, but I wouldn't even know where to start on that in this case. Or maybe some files are hidden away somewhere I am unaware of? I even tried loading a particular mission in the legacy load folder in old engine, and while it loaded part of it, the mission itself was just the default Thieves Guild mission. So that was weird.
Any Insight would be super appreciated.