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Thread: Thief in...D&D?

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    Thief in...D&D?

    Did anyone try implement Thief in...D&D (or other TTRPG) ?
    Maybe some custom campaign or whole homebrew setting in Thief or Thief-like world, or just using some of the elements from the game? For example something like rope-arrow, blackjack stun, Hammerite/Mechanists orden ect.

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    I ran a few sessions with the Story Engine rule system in the Thief setting. There was enough material from the games, from game art books, and from fan works to flesh out the world.

    Here is an old thread about my attempt: Introduce your Thief pen&paper-campaign

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    Blades in the Dark by John Harper is ttrpg with focus on narration and mechanics around stealth and thievery with ton of references for Thief and Dishonored. Friend told me he did few campaigns based on thief missions, and it works swell.

    in circles of people I follow the kickstarter campaign for Clerk and Dagger seems promising, personally the art direction got my interest.

    I remember from my own GUMSHOE (but homebrewed) system experience it was possible to play as a taffer (in modern setting).

    While I am sure there are many more good books and campaigns scenarios for thievery, it is more about having a team and gm that will be willing to do some homebrew The City setting and adapt or make campaign that will fit to Thief setting.

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    Blades in the Dark has already been mentioned, and I second it as an amazing resource (it even lists Thief in it's touchstones/inspirations), but I feel it would be remiss not to also mention Dusk City Outlaws. Again, they are STRONGLY recommended.

    You might also consider the Dishonored TTRPG, set in a spiritual successor to Thief.

    Basically, Blades is storygaming heavy, Dusk City Outlaws is designed for fast, fun heist-play, and Dishonored is crunchier (although still story-driven).
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