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Thread: Thief Classic: master-thief Garrett 1/6 scale custom action figure

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    Thief Classic: master-thief Garrett 1/6 scale custom action figure

    The original Thief trilogy was created by Looking Glass Studios & Ion Storm from 1998 to 2004 year. Series contains: Thief: The Dark Project, Thief Gold (T:TDP re-release with 3 new levels and some fixes), Thief 2: The Metal Age & Thief: Deadly Shadows. Some remarkable developers worked on series: Eric Brosius, Randy Smith, Ken Levine, Doug Church, Warren Spector, Daniel Thron & others. Legends!

    Thief – is a medieval thief simulator played from the first person view. One of the first true stealth actions and immersive sims. This series defined the whole ganre and bear a tangible influence on the gaming industry.

    An events of Thief happens in the City, the huge feudal megalopolis stacked in between dark ages and Renaissance. The primitive steam technologies and electrification neighboring here with the dark magic and cruel eldritch entities. Thou the City is a secular place, the main religion here is the cult of the Hammer.

    Hammerites worship the Builder, the one God who can build a wall and crash an enemy by his worthy hammer. Hammerites rejects the way of magic and devote their lives to science and technologies.

    There are dark and ominous forests around the City, unspeakable creatures lives there. Also as pagans, people who chose to serve the Trickster, an eldritch god of chaos and nature who’d like to bury the City to the ground.

    Garrett was a orphan. Making little crime here and there just to live. Once the Keeper caught him. Keepers watches for the Balance in the City. They gave Garrett their skills, their knowledge. But Garrett selfishly leaved the order to live for his own.

    Garrett was played by the voice actor Steven Russell. He's a stand-alone thief, master in his craftsmanship. His not a killer thou, no dirty things. Garrett likes to get job done. And the harder the job – the higher his interest to get into action…

    The Thief trilogy plays well even today. The tense noir atmosphere and spectacular game-, level-, art- and sound- designs makes those games unique and timeless. It’s one of my 3 all-time-favorite games series (others are Silent Hill and Legacy of Kain) and since I’m a collector, sure I’d like to get a figure on my shelf. But there was none.

    So we made it.
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    Master-thief Garrett
    1/6 scale custom figure

    by V-Raptor, Hauptmann HH, Aqualion13 & Husky

    It took three years to complete this project. There are two sets total, one owned by me and other by my hobby- colleague named Burnsider. It was done by me (V-Raptor), Hauptmann HH, Aqualion13 & Husky Doniy. It was one hell of a ride and took every skills we have.

    So let’s start from the accessories:

    We’d like to make a lot of accessories, but they all should be placed on the figure. So we did not every gadget from the game, but some. With magnetic holdings and parts to fix in on Garretts’ belt. We have:
    1) flash bomb
    2) gas mine
    3) blackjack
    4) Constantine’s sword
    5) middle bow
    6) moss arrow
    7) water arrow
    8) rope arrow (the design from T2014)
    9) noise maker arrow (the design from TDS)
    10) few broadhead arrows
    11) lockpicks
    12) the map of the City
    13) quiver
    14) bag for loot
    15) the leather belt with metal bucket and sheath

    We tried to hold everything close to first games by the Looking Glass Studios. They are the most canonical and beloved.

    The wooden bow can actually shoot.

    Lockpicks and a bag for loot are the necessary things for thief.

    The lockpicks set is close to cutscenes from the game. Every item made of metal and wood.

    So what we have in the bag? A huge ruby, emerald, diamond, fancy ring, few golden plates, small vine goblet, ceremonial skull and a holy hammerites book.

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    The book can be opened. An icon and a prayer inside:

    I am a Wallbuilder.
    Let my walls endure,
    from season to season,
    year to year,
    and age to age.
    Let my walls stand,
    while families toil,
    armies march,
    and empires fall.
    I am a Wallbuilder,
    and my walls will stand
    always as a shield
    against evil.
    This I pray, that will
    the Master Builder grant.

    Garrett has two canvas scrolls. One is the map of the City. The other is a stolen holy picture from the first game. It presents the Builder banishing the Trickster from the City.

    Some elemental talismans also were made as a bonus accessories.

    1/6 scale or 12" action figure format take roots from 1964. Hasbro company developed dolls for boys: the new toys were named G.I.Joe and it was a series of Barbie-like dolls in a military theme. Hasbro called it an "action figures" to avoid "girlish" "doll" word. Years later this format became a staple in the world of collectibles. 1/6 scale is big enough to give a room for high details level, but also quite compact to allow to collect many items indoor. You can pose your action figure any way you want, you can create any scene with one or few. This way 1/6 scale became one of the most beloved formats for many collectors worldwide.

    So Garrett is 1/6 scale. His height is 31cm.
    The figure is very movable and can do a lot of good poses.

    Blackjack used for non-lethal attacks. Garrett is a thief, not a murderer. Blackjack made of wood, leather and metal.

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    Thou the sword is not an option in combat with people, it’s perfect to fight pagan beasts and underground horrors. Sword made of stainless still and leather.

    Flash bombs allows Garrett to escape from the dire situation and also can damage the undeads.

    Multifunctional bow is beloved Garretts’ tool.

    You can see a Keepers’ glyph on his right arm.

    Garretts’ head based on the Thief 2: The Metal Age cover. It was a hard task. The original character is very cartoony, with big anime eyes. We tried to make the portrait more realistic, but still be close to the origins.

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    Garrett lost his eye during the events of the first game. And hammerites made him a new artificial one.

    In Thief: Deadly Shadows developers added a green glow to his eye, like he is some kind of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell. We also did. It can easily be turned off by just not plugging the cable into 3v port.

    It looks like we did enough. But there’s never enough if you love something!
    So we did a giant diorama to add some City’s architecture mood to the figure.

    The base is 175mm wide & 195mm deep.
    The roof module is 250mm height.
    The arc module is 280mm height.
    Total height without a figure is 530mm and 580mm with Garrett displayed on top.

    Diorama contains two parts. You can display it full tall or just as a fragment of the rooftop.

    You can turn off the whole light-up or only a glyph. Everything works from the 12v DC net.

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    Some information about creators on the back and a real autographs of every one including myself. For a good memory!

    The whole shapes made a little clumsy and angular intendedly. We did our best to represent the primitive graphics first two games have. Also colors are very close to the original.

    If you have a Telegram messenger , you can see the light up in dynamics in this short movie:

    And here is a final view with the light-up’s on.

    Hammers are represented by the arc-window with a religion vitrage.

    Pagans are represented by the wine with a Tricksters’ flower on it.

    The magic Keepers’ glyph shines on the wall. Only Keepers can see it, so we can turn it off and it will disappear. Also there's a rope arrow here. This way Garrett got up there. This guy is above them all.

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    – The City Looks Almost Bearable From Up Here...

    So I’d like to thank everybody who made the Thief games and everybody who made this figure real. This is non-commercial project made only in two pieces to write a love letter to the Thief series. This dream-project of mine is complete and this is how I display it:


    Thanks for watching, taffers!
    Take care your Bonehoards and do not read too much glyphs.
    I throw the flash bomb and disappear in the night…
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    That's maybe the coolest thing I've ever seen. I don't have the words!

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    Amazing! This is a master work, and you all should feel great pride with your work.
    I'm sure every Thief fan here would agree.

    On that note, this thread really belongs in the Thief General subforum, where all the Thief fans will be sure to see it. I can ask an admin to move it for you, and there should still be a reference to it here too. But it'll be in its natural home there.

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    The attention to detail is amazing. Great work, ViiRaptor!

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    Thanks, Comrades!
    I'm really glad to share some thief vibes with you.

    I'm a thief fan since the first game was released and this is the way to bring some beloved City and Garrett to my everyday routine.
    I was a TTLG member long ago, we discuss the City's map and the whole lore according to new released TDS (LOL!), but an e-mail for the first account (V-Raptor) was lost. So I post from this one.
    My friends and I translated the whole series into Russian and T2:TMA and TS were even officially (!) released here by Eidos and New Disk Company with our translation. What a time it was!
    We still have a Thief community here (, tiny, but solid. Some FM are being made and translated. And even in-life meetings happens time to time.
    So it's my way to give some love to the Thief series.

    I'm a gamer from 1997 till now. This year I cough some flu and while sitting home I played the whole Thief Gold from start to end on Expert. With TG_FIX it ran perfectly on my new PC in ultra HD on 21:9. And I should say: this game plays GREAT now. It's heavily based on the explorations and narrative, so other dated mechanics doesn't bother you. Still shooting and looting is very satisfying.

    On that note, this thread really belongs in the Thief General subforum, where all the Thief fans will be sure to see it. I can ask an admin to move it for you, and there should still be a reference to it here too. But it'll be in its natural home there.
    If you'd like to do it - I have nothing against it. Thanks!
    As dr. Jones said:

    I have a "Thief undeads" project running now. Really loving those guys from the game, great design and sound effects.
    The main goal is to learning sculpting on this job. And after all I'll get some more Thief figures to give Garrett a company. ))
    By the way, 1/6 scale is about 33cm height.

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    Absolutely splendid. The very model of a roaming arrow salesman. It's a shame that there probably isn't enough of a market to produce more of them, given all your design effort.

    But thank you for doing it and again, amazing.

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    Also, I don't think the rights holders would look very kindly on somebody selling Thief merch.

    But yeah, amazing work.

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    Impressive craft. WOW

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    This is extremely nice work, to put it mildly.

    Makes you wonder why there isn't any officially licensed stuff out there like this.

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    This looks great, but my favourite detail is the Papyrus font on the 12VDC jack.

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    Oh my! My eyes just exploded. That is damned awesome!

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    This is incredible! You guys are insanely talented!

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    Well, I hardly post here these days, but I've got to say that is some really glorious work. Really something to be proud of.

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    These are incredible! Well done!

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    Oh my shit! That is awesome! Please do a series of night shots, perhaps even with holes poked into something black for stars! It would be awesome to make a cutscene with them. Amazing!!

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    Thief Classic: master-thief Garrett 1/6 scale custom action figure


    I've never posted until now, tho I'm a Huge fan of Thief and the fan Missions. The FM's show the love we all have for the Thief world and how we hope that it keeps going and now, this wonderful action figure(s) are just amazing!

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    That is pretty damn cool. I really want that Hammerite painting.

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