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Thread: One good thing Thief 4 did for the series

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    One good thing Thief 4 did for the series

    I no longer have to listen to the annoying smug voice of Garrett. Hopefully if they make Thief 5 they will find someone less annoying or smug to voice him. Its why i cant play Thief 2 without having French dub on, his voice is so grating and insufferable. Not a fan of Stephen Russells voice of Garrett.
    1:54:22 One example. Imagine me talking like this everyday "Mmm yes oh yes". No no no.

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    Nice trolling Brudermurus. Did you ever end up finding other public figures hidden in the Thief games?

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    Same reason I can't play Dishonored.
    Stephen Russells just doesn't work for me, he totally ruins beautiful games.

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    Trolling is only effective if it'snot easily identified.

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    Yeah Stephen is the worst. And Terry. And Eric.

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    Quote Originally Posted by szmotsu View Post
    Yeah Stephen is the worst. And Terry. And Eric.
    The whole franchise is awful, especially the first 2 games. A blight on the history of gaming!

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    Does that mean I suck too?

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    I made a post in CommChat about these patients at a mental health hospital that had access to a pay phone and they would randomly call the shop I worked at, then ramble on about strange things like the existence of Thief 4. I think SolidSnakeRoll (a.k.a. Brudermurus) might be one of those patients now that it's likely that those types of hospitals probably give internet access to some people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyFoxx View Post
    Does that mean I suck too?
    Did you work on The Inverted Manse?

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    before the thief remake was created there was a logo made that showed thi4f but that was before they took a different direction with game

    so please don't ever call it thief 4

    its a reboot of thief that failed

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