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Thread: Deus Ex Fancasting

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    Deus Ex Fancasting

    This is something I find myself thinking about once or twice a year, and I'd like to hear others' thoughts on the matter. Who would you cast in an adaptation/remake of the original Deus Ex game? Not that Deus Ex needs remaking or adapting, but it's a fun thought experiment.

    You can choose any character, major or minor, human or not, from the first video-game. There are only two rules: the actors you choose cannot be dead (I think, then, it would be too easy), and you cannot cast somebody in a role they've already played in the original game. I'll start with a few of my choices:

    J.C. Denton (but not Paul) - Dominic West

    Walton Simons - Brian Thompson (shapeshifter from The X-Files). I think I chose Julian Sands, R.I.P., something like a year or two ago based on his performance in Warlock.

    Stanton Dowd - Willie Nelson

    I look forward to seeing your picks
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