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Thread: [30 Nov 2023] The Black Parade -- RELEASE THREAD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Handlolo View Post
    I just finished mission 7 now, in my opinion the worst of all by far.
    You and I have very different tastes, my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    You and I have very different tastes, my friend.
    It's normal, there are no books written about preferences.

    I just finished mission 8, it left me completely impressed, it is now the best of all in my opinion, I am not going to give spoilers, but it is like literally going down to hell and back again. It is similar to going down to the underworld in missions 4 and 6, only here there are impressive enemies and the level gives a lot of atmosphere.
    The person who designed level 8 is a true genius.
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    I've begun translating the runic code inscribed around the map in the final mission. I'm not sure what I was hoping to find, but this surpassed all expectations.

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    I'm looking to host this at the Keep and want to make sure I have the latest version. Is the original post up to date? Has the campaign been updated since late 2023?

    Thanks for any info.
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    The campaign hasn't been updated (yet), so the initial release is indeed the current version.

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    Hi all, I care too much about lore and secrets, so rather than clog video comments Klatremus encouraged me to post in this thread with my findings so far. The Black Parade has at least one encoded script, a "language" used by both necromancers and the ancient texts they cite in ingame readables. Reading this text provides some additional angles on the plot (among other things). This is intensely spoiler-laden territory that gets into the details of the entire plot, so I'm just going to start off with a translation key I've created for the text (apologies for the poor quality, working from screenshots of readables here).

    Thankfully it's just a simple substitution; I've handled worse! I'll follow up with applications of the cipher to some key texts, (including the objective from mission 8!). Please let me know if this should be its own thread, maybe one for people who've played all the way through.
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    Feel free to post all of it here.

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    There are two things to track down using the translated text in Black Parade. First, let's start with some notes from Azaran in mission 5. This text is apparently from Abubtiyar's tablets, and from Azaran's notes on the title page, we can take that Abubtiyar was explicitly warning against trying to control sentinents, and that Azaran is not confident in his translation. We, however, can be. Language in all caps is translated from what the game calls "Ur-magec script", and in normal case is Azaran's attempted translation. How accurate was he? Well...


    The Realm of Souls is like a door? visualise to enter the sentient's mind


    "One should have either the keys to open it or the cunning to weaken the barrier and let it move aside for him" (?)


    establish control after entry (not before?)


    Wise is the one who studies the sentient to balance inhibitors (?) and keep the sentient weak with what is unknown to it until the Ritual of Taming is complete".


    if done correctly, I become a conduit for its power...
    At a minimum, Azaran is guessing about some parts of this text, and his reading of the last part is especially strained. Given that we know the necromancers never seemed to really control the statue, it appears at least possible that all of these texts are actually describing what the statue can do to its victims!

    The second thing these encoded texts are relevant to: elements. Black Parade has a big elements thing going; you've probably noticed if you've played through; it's visible even from the intro video. The campaign lays out three frameworks of four elements which map onto each other in ways that are oddly obscured. The first set are the traditional Hand elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Their symbols appear on the mandala around the statue.

    The second set of elements is stated in Mission 5, in a book of notes that do not appear to be written by Azaran:

    While the Order of the Hammer speaks of Pneuma and of Sarx, and the Pagans like to talk about primitive mythology with an often puerile credulity, the truth is this; every mortal being, sentient and intelligent is made of four sacred elements:

    Firstly there is the BO-YADRELL; the Chest, the Shell, the Body, the Cadaver.

    Then the YORLH; the Cogito, the Feelings, the Conscience, the realisation of Existence, life's Azoth. It is a difficult subject for non-initiates but it is also the True Name.

    Afterwards, there is the KUBITHLA - the opposite of the YORLH. The Shadows. The natural result stating that everything possessing a physical existence also has a shadow, the proof of Mortality. This is a delicate subject to explain.

    Finally, there is the KA; that which cannot be explained for it has too many meanings. In truth, one could call it Destiny.
    The third set of elements has only three parts; the colors and shapes associated with Abubtiyar's three gemstones, used to attempt to...something, the statue. We'll return to these later.

    The fourth set is the set of four Galenic humors: phlegm, blood, yellow bile, and black bile. These are the substances harvested by the necromancers and on prominent display in mission 10. I'll get into the translation of mission 10 and Abubtiyar's tablets in the next post, as well.

    For right now, the fundamental the question is how to interpret each set of elements so that it corresponds to the other sets. This seems to have been what Azaran, and Abubtiyar, both attempted and possibly failed to do.

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    MAC HELP ! (sorry!)

    Hello all!

    Coming super late to the party I know, but super psyched to play on my... MAC !

    I'm running FMSel (I think!) all other TG FM's seem to run fine... I can't understand why BP is crashing when I hit play...

    Many thanks dear taffers x
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    Greatly enjoying the game, but I've encountered the following weird thing a couple of times: if I'm in the dark and a guard walks *into me*, they often don't react. They just stop, look around and then, after a while, walk away again. Is that a Black Parade bug or a Thief Gold one?

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    It's not a bug, it's a feature. They've bumped into something so they turn to get a better look. If you're in a perfect shadow, they won't be able to see you, otherwise they'll be alerted.

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    A Towering Achievement

    The Black Parade is a complete, professional quality game on par with The Dark Project and The Metal Age. It deserves a place in the pantheon as an equal companion to those classics.

    I will really, really, really miss this one now that I have finished playing it.

    Will I play it again? I just might. The content and depth is there.

    I bow deeply to those involved in its creation and give heartfelt thanks for their vision and dedication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicked View Post
    It's not a bug, it's a feature. They've bumped into something so they turn to get a better look. If you're in a perfect shadow, they won't be able to see you, otherwise they'll be alerted.
    Ah, thanks. Has this always been the case with Thief (and Thief 2)? It's been a while since I played the games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirith View Post
    Ah, thanks. Has this always been the case with Thief (and Thief 2)? It's been a while since I played the games.
    Guards did not alert to you in the original games by bumping into you. This feature was added to The Black Parade and some other fan missions too.

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