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Thread: The Black Parade Mission 6: Kept Away From View

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    Atropos, your hint about getting to that secret room was very helpful. And sorry, it's my bad, I was not clear what statues I meant. I could not figure out how to activate statues in the library for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atropos View Post
    There are 2 ways.

    1: Use a crate on one of the statue and jump from there to the balcony.
    2: Go to the reliquary, stand on the south side of the room and look up.
    I think I missed this room, having mistakenly thought it was just in the North tower.
    I can't see anything, trying the second hint in the reliquary, I'm in the room with the mask that follows you.
    Can you tell me exactly where I should be looking? I can't use the first hint because I don't like crating and can't find one anywhere near that location.
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    Ramirez, first go to the wooden stairs leading to the reliquary. These are marked on the map. Then, climb them up to the top. Enter the room beyond, and you should emerge high up in a tower. There should be two statues on this level. Walk to the southeast one, then towards the large bookcase that is to the left of the statue (if you share the point of view of the statue).

    Place your back (oh, okay, Hume's back) at the bookcase, then look up. You should see a wooden beam between you and the statue, and near the place where the beam ends at the rim of the walkway, you might (depending on where exactly you stand) see something glow. Take a rope arrow and climb up so you can reach this - it's a glyph. Using/activating it does open a secret door in the bookcase below. Climb down before it closes again and go through.
    You should now reach the balcony without problems. If you want to go back, look for a second glyph on a wall close to the secret door. It's not hidden, so you should easily find it. Don't forget to get your rope arrow back!

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    Thanks baeuchlein!
    I was going into the actual reliquary and standing at the South wall so of course I didn't see anything.
    Gotta say this was one of those find the switch puzzles I'm not a fan of, but fortunately, nothing mission critical is related to it. Come to think of it, the payoff should have been bigger imo.
    However, I appreciate these little secrets are hard to get right without making them obvious so it doesn't detract from my opinion of the mission.
    This is still an all time favourite campaign for me, still plugging away at it a few hours a week

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    Really loved this mission, was cool to visit other locations seen only briefly in cutscenes. The voice acting was also top notch and gave a lot of personality to the Keepers.

    Also spent a good hour seeing how many people I could get Gamall to kill. A morbid sport, but a fun one.

    If I had one complaint about this mission, and The Black Parade in general, it's that there's so. Much. Tile!

    I like a bit of tile to up the challenge here and there, but it's really everywhere in these missions and makes getting around awfully tedious. It's not hard to stay silent on tile if you move at a snail's pace, but I'd like to be able to walk freely without worrying about someone in the next country hearing me before I even know they're there. I decided to casually ghost this mission (because a chance to out-stealth the Keepers is hard to pass up), but the tile made it a bit of a drag. I'd like to ghost the whole set of missions at some point, but the frustration is putting me off a bit.

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    100% Ghost, 4 hours 39 min but only found 2998 of 3145 loot, so the quest continues! I really do love how things are in line with what we've seen of keeper structures from T2 and T3.

    100% LOOT! Finding the rest was actually pretty quick except for a hidden place to the right when going up the stairs outside. I was checking the left on the first pass and then didn't return there for a long time. Thank goodness for the knife that caught my eye on the right. In Game timer was 5 hours 59 min but actual mission time with the running around & reloading is probably closer to 11 hours total
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