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Thread: Trickster's death

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    Trickster's death

    Do you think Trickster is dead dead, or is he more like a force of nature that would get reincarnated at some point, as his original self or something of equal power, but not necessarily sharing the same consciousness? It was always hard to tell how powerful he is in the world of Thief, he was written as this godly figure that was there at the beginning of humankind, but then he dies from a magical explosion that was a result of his own magic, you could say.

    My point is, his legend makes him seem very powerful, but his actual in-game presence is severely limited, mostly because of how old the game is. I'm sure someone of his status would be able to do more than shoot flies and web, if you know what I mean. I suppose in the same vein if his demise was shown with modern capabilities, maybe it would be executed in a way where it would be very obvious he got actually, completely killed. Personally I find it hard to believe he's dead because if that is the case, why hasn't he gotten killed earlier? I'm sure the Builder and his disciples were capable of harming him with their magic. What do you think?

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    I think the developers left it open ended whether he's dead.

    To be honest I had a question about the Trickster last night. I was watching an old video on Youtube on a progress report on Looking Glass Studios when they were at work on "The Dark Project" One of the developers is showing concept art with various creatures (most of which never reached the final game) as well as The Trickster, Viktoria and Constantine and he describes the Trickster as a force of evil and chaos or words to that effect. To be honest I never thought of the Trickster as "evil", just as a force of chaos, with a neutral view of morality. Is he meant to be "evil"? And I never viewed the Hammers as good, just a force of order. I know Ken Levine likes that dichotomy between chaos and order in his writings

    I'm sure this has been posted before here but at any rate this is what i was watching

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    the woodsie lord lives

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    Even if trickster use only tricks, his bafoons of spells and influence are still godly with impact. He alone achieved more than average manfool did. I want to say that in eyes of average person immortality/longlivehood and spellcasting is being close to godhood, just as we are in eyes of beloved pet.

    I interpret the death in long term is but a long nap, and how he will awaken as is better for us to not know. Yet I have a theory I would like to share...
    The trickster is but mere title but wielder of it makes all up the rules.

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