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Thread: Typical FPS with NewDark

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    Typical FPS with NewDark

    So regarding NewDark for Thief 1/2, what FPS are people seeing. I have Msi Afterburner installed and with the in-game OSD enabled I am seeing max of 125fps and I would have thought that this game would see much high FPS numbers.

    I am playing @3440*1440, have 'vsync_mode 0' set in cam_ext.cfg and have a 5900x/4080, but I suspect mid/lower end hardware should be able to get similar high fps.

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    On my new Steam Deck with Thief Gold I get a locked 90 FPS at 1280x800 but that’s as high as it can go on that screen. Feels great, though; very responsive and smooth.

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