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Thread: Creature Scale issue

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    Creature Scale issue

    I once used a giant treebeast, tripling his scale. I got what I wanted and forgot about it. Years passed, I returned to this area just to check its readiness, I was sure that I had finished it. But my treebeast broke. I suspect this is the latest version of NewDark.
    The idea was this: a giant treebeast is visible from behind the treetops, he just stands in his usual pose, sometimes turning his head. But now he begins to walk in place. And it's ugly. I could change Time Warp, but the problem is that when he walks, his arms stick out through the wall.
    If reset Creature Scale, he stands normally again.
    This happens to any character in any location. Scale 2 works, scale 3 is broken, but I swear it worked before, but I don't remember this version ND.

    Perhaps there is some treatment?

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    Try disabling the 'returns to origin' property. The phys model moves with the AI's motions, and it could be that the increased scale means the idling motions/pose causes the phys model to move so far from the AI's origin that the it thinks it's moved and is constantly trying to go back.

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    Thank you

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