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Thread: What are you playing? (2024 Edition)

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    Been playing the demo for Heart of the Machine, which with the player as a newly awakened AI. Nearly 11 hours so far and it seems like I'm getting close to the end of the demo.

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    There is one thing that, ever since I played the Dishonored games, I wish they'd implemented in the Thief games: being able to crawl under tables. Every time I come across a table in Thief now, I bump into it, half-expecting that Garrett will duck those few additional inches further in order to fit under the table, where it's cosy and dark.

    On a different note: when the Halo collection came out, I bought it, because I'd heard so many good things about the games and because I quite like Destiny (with some caveats, but that's a different conversation). At the time I got started on the first Halo, but I stopped playing after a couple of hours, because it simply didn't pull me in. Recently, I came across one of those articles arguing that Halo Reach is one of the series' high points, so I'm now giving that one a try. I don't love it, but I can already see that there's something to the game's fatalistic vibe. Plus it's one I can easily play 15-20 minutes while my wife's getting ready for bed in the evening.

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    Thief is ripe for current gen remake imo. Has been for a few years. It's needs a proper "director"though and just as I think Krull is ripe for a Cronenberg-Villeneuve collaboration remake we need some avant-garde studio lead to kick it into shape.

    And include hiding under tables, up chimneys and in fountains with a breathing tube.

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    Seems like they tried the Thief remake/reboot thing already, didn't go so well.

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    They could do a straight up remake that copies the original games directly like you see sometimes. Tomb Raider Anniversary is the only one I can remember just now though, oh and the System Shock 1 remake.

    But modern tech is somehow less ... you all probably know what I'm thinking, but how to put it. It's not that I feel less immersed in the world per se compared to the OGs, because playing the old games there's still a level of the world resisting you getting too embodied in it as well. But the atmosphere just isn't there in the same way, games like Thief TDP & System Shock 2 especially.

    That said Thief 4's one virtue was that it looked great. If they could make a straight up remake of The Dark Project with those graphics, that might come off well. Of course the main issue is that that style of gaming is greatly out of the mainstream right now and would get ripped apart by twitch gamers.

    Heh, reminds me of the hilarious Gloomwood review that Dillon just tweeted today. I just imagine a Thief remake would be flooded with, well not with this exactly, but some variation on not comprehending why anyone ever liked the game to begin with because Boomers still can't work their browser and use flip phones, we can't expect they'll know anything about what makes a game good... (I'm not even sure that reviewer is joking when he says the save system is from the 1970s.) Long story short, I don't think the market's there for a straight up direct remake, even though that's the only way I could imagine the series being continued in any constructive way.

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    It's kind of hilarious that the reviewer thinks the game is an FPS/shooter and he keeps looking for a gun when the game isn't advertised as that kind of game at all. I tend to think (or maybe pray?) that most even modern gamers aren't as stupid as this guy.

    I'm trying to think of what kind of good would come of a modern remake of Thief (like, and exact remake like the Tomb Raider one). I guess Thief fans would like it (there are so few of us), but a lot of us like the old school pixely graphics just as they are. I can't see it having any kind of mass appeal though.

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    I was thinking that people are used to hard games again, what with From Software being so popular and so on. So an advanced Thief, with more tools and more agility, could work. Thief 4 was like if the opposite of that.

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    I'm old enough to remember that 25 years ago there were plenty of people who tried to play Thief like an FPS/shooter at first.

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    Graphically I've come to appreciate Thief's old graphics like I do old paintings. People these days strive for photorealism, which is fine with flight simulations or racing games, but excessive graphic realism in Thief seems pointless in an inherently unrealistic game like Thief. I'm happy with Thief looking like art, not a photograph. I'd rather look at Monet's impression of a hay bale than a photograph of one

    As to what I'm currently playing I've returned to medieval trading simulator Patrician 3

    I feel tired these days of anything too confrontational in games. Al my combat flight sims and wargames I used to love I just don't feel like playing. Maybe that's why I've returned to more subtle gameplay of Thief in the past few months too.

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    There are other options than photorealism or a Y2K low-poly look. Arkane's environmental work in Dishonored was clearly more realistic, but it wasn't photorealistic, and it strived for a specific style, not least in the lighting. I would definitely not say no to a Thief continuation/remake/reboot that had a look along the lines of those games. (Having said that: I enjoyed the graphics of The Black Parade, which combined the aesthetic of the original games with what's possible with NewDark and modern PCs.)

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    It needs a suitable art style that isn't grim dark realism is all. Dishonored had it's own style which is very cool, but I'd opt for something different, less cartoony, a little harder edged.

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    smaller hands

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