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Thread: Whatever happened to?

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    Whatever happened to?

    Ok this might not be appropriate, let me know if it isnt.

    Some older posters kinda just went AWOL, but my main query here is Agent Monkeysee.
    Where did he go?
    But also other people as well.

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    please dont quote cotten eye joe

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    And buglunch! He got banned and was never heard from again! COINCIDENCE?

    Also, Noid should rerelease his old ambient album "Ouroboros" on Bandcamp so I can pay for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PigLick View Post
    Agent Monkeysee. Where did he go?
    He'd seen enough, so changed his name to Monkeydo

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    I just Read about MsLedd Passing away, i Didn't know, sorry.
    And also I read about fett to bad, damn it.

    Digital Nightfall once in a while posts something and then vanishes.
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    Monkeysee always said when he got a girl he was going to ditch. He was true to his word. Smart bastard he was. Always cut through the shit right to the point. I was the last person to speak to him on the forum in fact. No connection surely. Although... EVERYTHING I LOVE GOES AWAY.

    Damn you, Renz. Was it the sardines in bed thing? I can change man. Just loan me another hundo and I'll be good I promise.

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    Guessing a lot of people drifted away for various life reasons, I know I did because of a very particular one but that fell apart somewhat explosively a few years back. I do like to pop by now & then to check how the old place is even if I don't post owt. Lots of good memories for me here. Always feel like I ought to come back more often.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aja View Post
    Also, Noid should rerelease his old ambient album "Ouroboros" on Bandcamp so I can pay for it.
    Thanks Aja, you've just reminded me that I have that on CD somewhere and now I need to figure out exactly where. For some reason I never ripped it to mp3 so I could chuck it onto (back then) my mp3 player.

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