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Thread: The Black Parade crashes

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    The Black Parade crashes

    Tried playing The Black Parade but it crashes as soon as I start the first mission.
    Followed all instructions here to install Thief Gold + TFixLite 1.27

    I can play original missions just fine.

    I found this line in the logs which looks suspicious:

    : ERROR: Failed to load WR, mission requires a newer game version.
    Any idea what this refers to? I got Thief Gold version from GOG and applied TFixLite 1.27 as mentioned above so dont know what version it refers to?

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    I got it working - the solution was to use the full TFix installer, not the lite version. Don't ask me why.

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    Glad you got it working! The Black Parade is amazing! I'm at the last level now.

    Interestingly, the GOG version of Thief Gold already comes with TFix Lite preinstalled:
    Still, I always recommend installing the full version of TFix, even if you don't want to install any of the mods it comes with. TFix Full comes with fixes that are not included in TFix Lite.

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    I think Lite is not completely up to date. I probably should fix that, now that I'm in my Thief boots again.

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