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Thread: Thief 2 stopped running

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    Registered: Aug 2009

    Thief 2 stopped running

    So my T2 (Newdark 1.27 using Newdarkloader) stopped running for no apparent reason. I run the exe, and it pops up briefly in task manager, then vanishes/ crashes. Rebooted, same issue. also copied the folder to another drive, same issue.

    The issue started after I replayed the FM Inverted Manse. Any idea why this could be happening?

    My Thief log:

    : PID: 8248
    : CPU: arch=x86-64 , fam=586 , cpus=4
    : SIMD: SSE=3 , 3DNow=0 , MMX=1
    : OS Version: 6.2.9200 
    : Desktop resolution: 1768 x 992
    : Virtual desktop resolution: 1768 x 992
    : -----------------------------------------------------------
    : Command line: "D:\Thief2\thief2.exe" 
    : -----------------------------------------------------------
    Crash dump:

    Cam CFG

    ; $Header: r:/t2repos/thief2/src/cam.cfg,v 1.24 2000/03/08 11:43:50 adurant Exp $
    ; hey, which game is this
    game dark
    ; general configs
    include_user_cfg user.cfg
    editor_include_dromed_cfg dromed.cfg
    ; game specific paths/configs
    dark_include_install_cfg darkinst.cfg
    shock_include_install_cfg install.cfg
    ; set trait cache to include concretes
    trait_cache_flags 2
    sfx_vol_music -474
    fogging 1
    enhanced_sky 1
    render_weather 1
    movie_volume_factor 0.7
    game_screen_size 1280 800
    sfx_vol_3d 0
    game_full_screen 1
    game_screen_flags 45
    game_hardware 1
    game_screen_depth 32
    sfx_device 1
    gamma 0.6249998808
    sfx_vol_2d 0
    ambient_volume 700
    sfx_channels 48
    master_volume 0
    vmCenterY 0.5990566015
    vmCenterX 0.3594515324
    d3d_driver_index 0
    last_command physics 
    reverse_stereo 0

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    Location: Germany
    "Inverted Manse" is a Thief 1 FM. Did you try moving the FM archive out of the folder where you place T2 FMs, and possibly putting it into a separate folder for T1 FMs?

    If that is not the problem,
    try to use FMSel just to see whether this also has problems. NewDarkLoader is not being updated/maintained anymore, AFAIK, so maybe that is part of the problem.
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    when in doubt, create a new (T2) install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baeuchlein View Post
    "Inverted Manse" is a Thief 1 FM.
    No sir.

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    what I meant by my post is - has that particular T2 install broken down, or has the ability of your computer to run T2 broken down. try to find out.

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    Registered: Aug 2009
    Thanks for all the input. Fixed it by copying my clean install T2 folder and replacing this one.
    Still wonder what could have corrupted it...

    I do know Newdarkloader isn't updated anymore, but I love it, I'm so used to it

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    BTW, Renault is right. "Inverted Manse" is a T2 FM. My memory doesn't seem to improve with age.

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