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Thread: System Shock's Big April 11 Update

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    System Shock's Big April 11 Update

    So, System Shock Remake just a got a big update that's seemingly been in the works for a while. The major things are that you can play as a female hacker, the ending has been reworked, and Steam Cloud support has been added.

    The rest of the patch notes:

    Other major Changes:
    Alpha Strain enemies have a new attack
    Avian Mutant enemies have a new attack
    Cyborg Diego has new movement options
    Continued refining enemy AI and behaviors
    Mission waypoints have been implemented for (Easy mission difficulty)
    Better Gamepad handling and implementation
    Major optimizations across the entire game — Steam Deck users rejoice!
    Achievements are properly awarded when completing the requirements
    Some first person Hacker animations have been corrected
    General combat and speed balance adjustments across enemies and weapons
    Credits added to the Title Screen
    Improved quest logic behavior across several areas of the game
    Players can now no longer save over the AutoSave, and the AutoSave will now only appear in the Load Game menu
    Game Over screen can now be skipped
    Recycle Station ‘inventory’ size has increased to 4x3 from 3x3 to allow recycling of bigger junk items. Scrapper rejoice!
    The max payout from a Recycle Station is now 120 Credits
    EMP stun duration has been reduced by 25%
    SHODAN will lock the Research control room door if the player fires the Mining Laser at Earth
    Detox patch now has a 25% protection bonus against environment hazards while active
    Fix a soft lock that could occur when dying while interacting with a Surgery Machine
    Items dropped inside of elevators should no longer disappear
    Pathfinding performance improvements in Flight Deck and Groves
    Fix a case where the player was able to clip through the world by loading games while crouched
    Fix a case where plasma projectile FX would spawn every frame and wouldn’t clean up properly, causing major frame drops

    Minor changes
    Easier to see total counts of collected Media items
    Added a button to the entrance of the Security level to ensure you can backtrack to the rest of the Station
    General FX improvements and tweaks
    New artwork on monitors across Citadel Station
    Enemy callouts and vocals are less frequent now
    Better text sizing for all languages
    Jump Jet behavior improved
    The color of some projectiles were tweaked
    Sped up animations of using Dermal Patches
    Enemies who are near Restoration Bays will be teleported to their spawn location to ensure the Hacker doesn’t get softlocked by being killed repeatedly
    Save files are now counted incrementally
    Fix ups of various Cyberspace levels and enemy placements within
    Better handling of Hacker death in unlikely scenarios
    SHODAN now has a surprise for the player when Diego is killed on the Security level
    Total Enemy Reinforcements have been increased across all levels
    Reduced the number of enemies that can bunch up in the same Reinforcement Volume
    Enemies will remember the player for longer on all difficulties
    Enemy line of checks include the projectile collision radius whenever possible so that their attacks fail less often
    Fixed an enemy ambush that wasn’t activating properly in the Medical CPU room if the player comes back later in the game
    Kickstarter corpse tokens added to enemies
    Enemy awareness in the Flight Deck trap room after saving and loading has been fixed
    Diego boss AI adjustments, largely in the first encounter
    Cortex Reavers can now perform a strafe jump to more quickly engage the player
    Mutated Cyborg and Tiger-Gorilla dismemberment has been fixed
    Cyborg Mantis walks faster, will sprint more frequently, and HP increased slightly
    Flier-Bots now have an Autocannon in addition to Gas Grenade attacks
    Striker-Bots now have a Laser Cannon in addition to Homing Missile attacks
    Flier-Bot and Striker-Bot textures have been improved
    Fix for Hoppers and Mobile Lasers not being able to hit the player while leaning behind a wall
    Security-1 Bot now has a rapid fire attack pose
    Cyborg Warrior now has a moving attack similar to the Security-2 Bot
    Cyborg Elite Guard head-mounted laser attack damage increased from 60 to 80
    Alpha Strain long range attack now has a unique animation
    Skorpion default inventory size has been reduced from 4x2 to 3x2
    Assault Rifle damage increased slightly from 24 to 25 per round
    Plasma Rifle now has an animation to unload the active Plasma Core
    Abe Ghiran’s Head inventory size has been increased from 1x1 to 2x2
    Missing character portraits have been added
    Cyberspace I.C.E Shield FX has been improved
    Wire Puzzle has new FX to more clearly indicate the required power level to solve it
    Fix for Circuit Puzzle dead-end nodes filling from the wrong side in some cases
    Fixed holes in the walls in Research tiles,
    Berserk patches now cost 5 Tri-Credits from a dispenser instead of 4
    Shotgun ammo cost in Ammo Depots has been reduced from 15 to 14 credits
    Loot table adjustments to reduce quantity of ammo received from Exec-Bots, Flier-Bots, Striker-Bots and Cyborg Enforcers
    Ammo adjustments in Reactor, Alpha Grove, Delta Grove, Engineering, Security, and Bridge
    Reduced the number of First Aid Kit pickups in Flight Deck, Security and Bridge
    Assigned the correct idle animation to the Cyborg Drones (No more hovering guns while they are charging)
    Jump Jet improvements while in Low Gravity Volumes
    Loading a save while falling will properly restore the player’s velocity
    Barrel dispensers will no longer drop their dispensed barrels when the player leaves and comes back to a level.
    Energy Drain Mines will no longer prepend multiple “Destroyed” strings to their name after being repeatedly destroyed
    Fix for player losing Low-Grav/Repulsor mods when switching to certain weapons
    Improvements to how the enemy AI handles changing Repulsor Lift direction
    Reactor’s Repulsor Lifts have been adjusted slightly to fix potential soft locks
    Fix for the player being able to exit the Diego V1 arena by blocking main doorway
    Doors will more elegantly restore their collision state when loading a save
    Shotgun shell texture has been fixed
    Crack-O’s are now no longer considered Junk
    Fix for certain wall monitors not breaking when attacked
    Fixed small animation issue with the Isolinear Chipset on the Bridge
    Fixed sparking cable issues on Maintenance
    Fix for several achievements not completing properly
    Small text adjustments and spellings
    Music playback adjustments
    Fixed a potential audio component memory leak when concurrency limits were reached
    Added a Controller Vibration accessibility option
    Improved gamepad support on MFD
    Improved automap performance
    Fixed several visual artefacts on the automap
    Automap will always update the map info bar with the data for the currently selected level
    Implant tooltips will no longer display off the edge of the screen on certain display configs
    Fix for the ‘Back’ button on gamepad causing the player to crouch when exiting menus
    Credits updated
    Other minor improvements, adjustments and balance tweaks
    Steam post with all the deets

    Also the game's coming to Playstations and XBoxes on May 21.

    Oh and it's currently on a -55% Steam sale.

    Did I forget anything?

    Anyway, I'm not in the mood for a SSR replay just yet, but I'd be curious to hear from TTLGers who've given it a spin. What do you think of the new patch? Did it change things significantly?

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    I stopped playing when I got frustrated because the 'Don't forget to salt the fries' achievement didn't trigger after I finished the game in the highest difficulty settings. I'll give it another go one of these days.

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    I've been wandering through it again. The biggest difference seems to be the improved enemy AI. They're no longer walking right at you and shooting, but now seem to take cover. In one instance I was even flanked on either side by two enemies after I took cover, so that's a big improvement.

    That said, I'm annoyed that your movement is still hampered for a few seconds every time you pick up an email log or use an energy station.

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