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Thread: Is there a mod to remove robots from T2 entirely?

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    Is there a mod to remove robots from T2 entirely?

    I wish I could play Thief 2 without any of the walking robots, big and small (not the cameras, I like all that stuff).

    Is there a mod for that, by any chance?

    I really love Thief 2, even much more than the others, but the robots just drive me nuts with how noisy and repetitive they are, and they've always kinda ruined the game for me. They're the only reason why I hate the Bank mission.

    I know water arrows disable them, but I'd like to not have to put up with them at all.

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    there isn't one, but there can be - this is maybe 15 minutes in the editor. or rather, just tweaking the code of the mod that nukes spiders a bit.

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    I am also not aware of something like this existing, but here is a mod that I put together fairly quickly that can fulfill this purpose (amusingly, in a similar timeframe to that fifteen-minute figure). This is a generic mod that will remove all descendants of any archetypes specified by the user. The archetypes to be removed can be declared with the "rom_remove_archetypes" configuration variable. Specifying this followed by a comma-separated list of archetypes should remove all concrete descendants of these archetypes when a mission initially loads.

    If you want to remove all standard bot types, leaving only those like the cherub and cameras, you can extract the linked archive into any enabled mod directory and insert the following into cam_ext.cfg:

    rom_remove_archetypes CombatBot,WorkerBot,SpiderBot
    Of course, it goes without saying that care should be used with respect to selecting objects to remove. Removing descendants of certain archetypes, especially those near the base of the tree, can certainly break the game. That said, this should still be fairly useful for those who want to remove certain AI types, for example.

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    Ooh, thanks!

    It doesn't seem to be working, though. I loaded up a savegame and restarted the mission and there was still a robot there. (I'm testing with Eavesdropping, since it has a robot right outside that is easy to spot.)

    Or do I need to start a new game?

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    Simply restarting the mission should be sufficient, though you need to do this with the "Restart" button in the menu. Everything ought to work properly provided that the mod is active in the mod manager and the quoted text is added to the configuration.

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    It's working now. I had forgotten to add the mod to the mod_path in cam_mod.ini.

    Once again, thank you!

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    Excellent. I'm glad to help. Perhaps others will find this useful as well, being a more generic solution to this kind of change.

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    This is very useful, I hate those Dam Robots as well thank you for taking the time to make it and sharing

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