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Thread: TDS20AC Mission Mysteries of Tolham (05/25/2024)

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    That's an interesting view! Frobbin hood said earlier that there was a possibilty to fall through from this museum vent. From your description it probably seems to be the same vent. I did a quick search earlier there but didn't find anything out of ordinary. Apparently, have to check it again. Just to be sure, is it the the vent where you can get high up to those cross wooden beams, above the museum's main display room?

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    Lord Taffer: if you cross the beams going West, follow the vents past two corners, then walk against the right side (North) you will fall through into the hallway below. You can also just lean into it and look around.

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    Going through this mission for some days now. The architecture is very professionally designed, but the mission is frustrating to play because of the daytime visibility and many nooks and crannies everywhere. Definitely designed by a pro for pros. The hand drawn map is a real gem in this one, especially the pig-headed fish-like animal in the upper right corner. The music in some places sounds like it came from an old italian giallo movie . A nice mission but not recommended for newbies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by szabikka View Post
    The music in some places sounds like it came from an old italian giallo movie
    I bet you're referring to what is a snippet from a T1/TG cutscene:

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    There are actually some ambients/music I composed but mostly original ambients and edited ones. I completely forgot to write this in the mission's info text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prjames View Post
    Playing at Expert difficulty. I found all the items except the crimson stone.

    Through climbing and jumping, I made it to the mage's tower, I blackjacked a mage, I climbed a circular staircase tower to a very high area and am confronted with a locked door I don't have a key to. My rope arrows don't work to go to the area above this door. I found some hidden treasure in this area, but I need to get the stone so I can finish this mission!

    - prjames

    Update: I figured it out on my own. Search much lower, near this tower, and the mage has a bedroom, including the oft-mentioned floating scroll. The key of interest is in this bedroom.
    Is that bedroom the one with the statue holding a sort of incense bowl giving out blue smoke? I've already turned that room upside down but could not find a key... Or is that bedroom somewhere else? More hints please ��

    Edit: Dang nevermind, turns out I already had the key in my inventory. Embarrassing.
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