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Thread: Police with no chainmail

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    Police with no chainmail

    Has anyone made a guard or cop mesh with no chainmail around the head?

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    There are policemen who look like english "bobbies", meaning that while they have no chain mail around their head, they do have a more modern helmet instead. These can be found in two CoSaS missions: "CoSaS: Gathering at the Inn" and the unfinished "CoSaS 4: Switching rails". "Mission X" does not seem to have such policemen.

    Also, there are several missions which use a bluecoat-like person without any hat or helmet. It seems that this is the model used for dead Truart in one of the OMs. For example, you see such a Bluecoat model in mission 10 ("Of Ill Repute") in the T2X campaign, where it is used for the still living Truart.

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    Those bobbies do look better than mine, though where are the truncheons?

    Still, it might be what I need. Thanks.

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