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Thread: All who are members of this forum, Please Read.

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    All who are members of this forum, Please Read.

    I know this has been done before but I'm doing it again.

    For those who don't know each other this might help you feel a little more welcome.

    Please give your
    1. sex
    2. age
    3. real name
    4. fan missions done
    5. fan missions in progress

    This is totally optional and you don't have to give everything, but it would really help.

    For me...

    I'm a 16 year old male and my name is Ben. I don't have any missions done but am working on Chamberlain's Estate.

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    1. sex - not as often as it was before DromEd
    2. age - 27
    3. real name - N/A
    4. fan missions done
    Ramirez's Revenge
    Hunt for Montrose
    The Keep
    and goof off DM
    The Gauntlet
    5. fan missions in progress
    T2 FM working title

    Need one-on-one help. I'm just a click away.
    Or Check out my ever going web site.
    NativeArt Design

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    A Reply! Thanks. Keep 'em comin'!

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    Disturbing thought

    Age: Under 18.
    Sex: Never before. Actually Male.

    FMs: None.

    FMs in progress:
    Crash Landing!! (T1) Preliminary name.
    Circle of Strain Gold (Thief 1).

    Oops, forgot my name. Is it OK if I leave this space blank? Until one of my missions are released, at least. (As per the DromEd license saying I have to give it out )

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    Tra Hari


    1. Mayal (mail! [heh, male])
    2. 19 :P
    3. Matthew :P
    4. None!
    5. Maybe there's one going on in my head

    I dunno, I'm relatively new to a lot of this DromEd stuff (I just ran through the LG tutorial yesterday), and while anything I make won't be top quality (I hardly have the time, let alone the skill or talent), it might be something fun.

    Stay well,
    - Tra'Hari Vandaette

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    Previously Important
    Registered: Nov 1999
    Location: Caer Weasel, Uelekevu

    Sex: Alpha Male
    Real Name: The Gingerbread Man
    Age: 29
    Missions Complete: Benny's Dead
    Missions A-Waiting: Moth, The Spider's Nest, Dark Mesa

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    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Real Name: I've listed it somewhere around here...
    FMs done: None! Absolutely nothing!
    FMs in progress: A nine-mission storyline currently called "The Shrouded Land," and...another? (You'll have to wait and see!)

    See my fan fic, "Unlicensed and Untrained," at!

    I now have a sequel in the works!

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    Digital Nightfall

    Heh.. why not.

    1. sex: Male
    2. age: Old Enough to Know Better, Young Enough not to Care
    3. real name: Daniel E. Todd
    4. fan missions done: None
    5. fan missions in progress: CoSaS (ACP, BtGW, TCP)

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    1. sex: male
    2. age: 25
    3. name: Duncan
    4. FMs done: none
    5. FMs in making: SoD

    Seeds of Doubt for Thief Gold - Coming soon

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    1. MALE
    3.Ummm If I tell you I must kill you
    I'm Not joking


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    The North American beaver is widely known for its habit of building dams and its closely knit family units. The construction of the dam produces a small- to moderate-sized beaver pond that helps to increase the biological diversity of the surrounding area as well as conserve water and maintain water flow...
    Always obliged to learn my woodland friends of the ways of the beaver!

    1: Male (ive yet to see more than 1 female around here - at least that i know of)

    2: Im 21 (old as hell in beaver yrs)

    3: ?? think my name isnt really BeaverDuckworth??

    4: Damn close ta none!

    5: Only one so far...and at times it makes me doubt my self worth (not to mention sanity. No one in their right mind watches 80% of their life go by as they sit and Dromed!)

    6: Im a pretty nice guy and i wont cuss at ya if you dont use the search function first or if you ask a dumb question. We're all guilty of it at times I know i am...but I try


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    1. sex
    2. age
    3. real name
    Mikhail I. Litoshenko
    4. fan missions done
    none yet
    5. fan missions in progress
    Working on my earlier unfinished project(s)

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    1. male
    2. i'm 24
    3. Paul
    4. no mission yet
    5. just fooling around with Dromed to see what I can get it to do, eventually i plan to make a mission of some kind

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    Disturbing thought

    Heh, that's what I did... sat back, studied different OM/FM archetecture styles, learned, etc, and now I'm doin' some missions.

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    1. Whenever I can. Oh! My bad. Male.
    2. 39
    3. Carl Salaski
    4. None of my own, but I've played most all of them.
    5. None, I'm curently replaying the new improved Benny's Dead.


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    I'm a 16 year old male (shall with-hold real name), with one FM that is off and on and most usually off(basically because I haven't the skills to do what I wish to create).

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    1. sex
    One has to be the first: Female
    2. age
    3. real name
    See my User Name
    4. fan missions done
    5. fan missions in progress
    Still haven't a clue what to base one on, so no missions in progress at this moment

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    You think there's a chance some of the Glassers will reply to your post?

    City Hospital is coming along.

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    1. Yes, please.
    2. Old enough to know better, and young enough not to care.
    3. Uh, I can't remember.
    4. None released, yet.
    5. Ready to beta test "The Varyx Obelisk".

    ...and this time, I mean it!

    Go ahead, make my day! Click here! ==> Visit my DromEd junkyard!

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    Bump it up to the top.

    Females especially sign in! There are so few of you in this forum I'd like to know which ones are females.

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    1. sex: Male
    2. age: 25
    3. real name: Jason D. Corley (I don't go in much for pseudonyms.)
    4. fan missions done: Nada
    5. fan missions in progress: A contest entry, yet untitled, and "People v. Tom Cord", whose basic architecture and story is done, but which still has much to do.

    I got the briefing for my contest entry done on the first day, on the first try with Personal AVI Editor. The biggest briefing I've ever made - about 19 megs. Sheesh, I don't expect the level to be 2 megs.

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    Keeper Hellzon

    1. Never. Oops, sorry. I'm male
    2. 17
    3. Anders Hällzon
    4. fan missions done - none yet
    5. fan missions in progress - Randolph Museum
    (Yep, Gladiator was scrapped. )

    Anders Hällzon, keeper of the keepers' library with enemy info.
    Violent member of SIDE.

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    Alright, I'll bite. But only because Digi did.

    1. sex: Male
    2. age: Ah, this one is sitting around the forums somewhere...
    3. name: (Blissfully Anonymous)
    4. FMs done: Not unless you count demos.
    5. FMs in progress: The Cathedral of Chaos (CoC)

    Beware the coming of the machines...
    Check out my Tutorials on creating the Soulforge Machinery, all with working demos included.
    Coming Soon
    The Chaos Cycle, a FM series featuring the Keepers and their struggle with the lasting legacy of Karras...
    The Sanctum
    The Chaos Cycle News

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    1 - sex : yes please! (male)
    2 - age : too much for me to count and not enough to buy liqour.
    3 - real name : Sorry, I'm in the witness protection program.
    4 - FM's done : Besides the ones I lost when my MOTHERFREAKING hard drive went bad, just the SmackDown demo.
    5 - FM's in the works : 'Metal Gear : Shadow' & 'Asylum'

    g e n o c i d e :-: lest up apon thee arrives my wrath, may it humble thee.

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    Oh what the hell...

    1. sex

    2. age

    3. real name
    Zibby G. Chog

    4. fan missions done
    The Docks (gold)
    The Alarus Extention
    Shunned : Fistral's Story
    Hammerhead:Return to the Docks

    5. fan missions in progress
    The Willow Island Series
    Docks/Shunned/Hammerhead T2 Conversions
    T2X Project

    I still have time for a social life, honest!

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