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Thread: Cassandra: 1 year old.. um.. a few days ago.

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    Cassandra: 1 year old.. um.. a few days ago.

    I completely missed this. 24th October 2000 the Cassandra team forum was inaugurated and we started work on things properly. It may or may not interest you to know that in that time, 6845 messages have been posted. Which is a little worrying.

    Less time talking, more time doing, as my mother used to say.
    The Narcissus Entity

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    Shuddup and get working, Cob.

    If I were lying, I'd say I'd have the stylish minimums of the Cassandra HQ done now. In fact, I've got four more lines of dialogue to write, but that's close enough for me.


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    Shit. I was hoping mods could get finished in less than a year.

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    You live and learn though.
    The Narcissus Entity

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    Lot's of talk is a prerequisit to get such a project done IMO. I was part of a project once and they would alwaysw do never talk, in fact I was critizised heavily for insisting that we should do a Design Doc before starting the Design... What can I say, they were programers.

    Oh and congrats and good luck and the usual stuff...
    Oh and get it out already ;P

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    The only other mod I ever worked on (headed by a (fairly stupid) american, and canned for copyright reasons) was crap, because we had nowhere to talk.

    Rule 47472-023 of mod making: Get a forum, or meet IRL. Email isn't adequate.

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    We have now got a yahoo chat group which is incredibly useful. A combination of forums and email that also allow for real time chat and storage of files in a communally accessible place. Lots of ads though.

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    Yeah we use that at Preachers. Is dead good innit
    Redsun still use that as well I believe. It's great for small groups as you don't get flooded by emails of pointless conversations between just two members.

    If we had more than 4 members I'd get us a proper forum. But we don't so I'm not.

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