I have to say it's been efing ages since I actually looked up from DXeD to see what was going on out there in the mod community. After a while the messages in your mods guestbook get to you and you believe the hype. Allow me a brief introduction. I am a member of redsun2020. Quite possibly the only competition to the Cassandra Project in the Single PLayer DX mod wurld.

And having said that, come septmeber we will cease to exist as the mod gets released and we all fade into the background releasing walkthroughs. My purpose here is not to put down, cajole, argue with, plug or anything else related to those topics between mods. Having read through the website I have applied to level designer myself and hope that I ge thte job, the world thats going on here is just so amazing, the vision is crystal. I can see where this is going and I like the looks of it.

Cassandra Project... Redsun2020 salute you.

*== May the war be bloody and long ==*