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Thread: UTTERLY WEIRD: Reliving my past

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    UTTERLY WEIRD: Reliving my past

    I realise this is way, way off topic, but ignore it if you're not interested.

    About three days after I first had access to the internet, I became a regular on the forums at The Croft Times (which I believe still exists). After many ups and downs, this forum than became the K-Files forum. The many things I "learnt" from this epic journey included the loss of my virginity to two of the other members (it's complicated, okay?).

    Anyway, so there I am wandering about when it turns out that someone has archived a lot of that shit and put it all up on the web.

    So here's my online life. There's no index, but you use this link:

    and change the 000001 to some other number like 000010 or 000076. I think it only goes up to about 280.

    I'm "tim", and also "StarWarsQuoter", and also "Darth Vader", and also "Mei-gaun'hswei-de". None were secret identities.

    But is it art?

    [ December 19, 2001: Message edited by: Count Hans von Hekeldicht ]

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    I promised myself I wouldn't reply to this, but then I found number 15, which has:

    "Why are PC owners so defensive? Is it a bit like having a small penis?"

    tim "More like having a large one and being mocked for it."

    I was so much wittier back then. What the hell happened to me?

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    [quote]Originally posted by Count Hans von Hekeldicht:

    I was so much wittier back then. What the hell happened to me?


    All I can say is that you had far too much time on your hands back then. [Laff]

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    There's an equation in the making there.

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    Registered: Sep 2001
    Location: Sat at my desk.

    Probably not a good time to reply. Really, REALLY, drunk, donchaknow. Just thought I'd mention that I'm NOT ignoring it.

    Seemed important. But then what doesn't when you're drunk.

    Tried hard with the "you're"'s and not "yours". Appreciate it.

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    Registered: Sep 2001
    Location: Sat at my desk.

    Even I cant believe I'm posting.

    Is it "moral" to delete aa post when you're sober?

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    Ah, surely that would depend on you?

    But I won't tell, if that helps. Then this post will look really odd standing here in reply to some other bizarre thing just atop it.

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    Registered: Sep 2001
    Location: Sat at my desk.

    Coo, look at that. I come on here to see what's new and there I am. How weird.

    Never mind, I supppose it could've been much worse.

    Someone should invent a login system with a built in breathalyzer.

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    Registered: Aug 2000
    Location: Leeds, UK

    If you can spell breathyal... brethalis... what you said - then you CAN'T be that drunk!



    "Work is the curse of the drinking classes."

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    Registered: Sep 2001
    Location: Sat at my desk.

    Morning after, dude. Although I did spell it with a headache, so that should count for something.

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    For some reason whenever people are trying to convince me I ought to start drinking alcohol, someone brings up vomit and hangovers, as if I'm suddenly supposed to go "Of course! What have I been missing?". It's very odd.

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    Registered: Jun 2001

    The beauty and, yes I would say transcending nature of waking in the morning with every movement causing massive pain and vomit droping from your chin can not possibly understood by someone who has never experienced it.
    The delicate smell, that massive disgust, the feeling that your head will spring like a glass in resonance... The whole moment... unimaginable.


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    Registered: Sep 2001
    Location: Sat at my desk.

    Are you tee-total then, COunt?

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    The other day at a house-warming party I got very very very drunk indeed. In fact drunk to the point of drinking things people had made up with whatever spirits where left. One of these concoctions tasted distinctly like Um Bongo (you know, Um Bongo Um Bongo They Drink It In The Congo...) and was actually rather nice (but did leave my throat somewhat sandpapered). Anyway the point of this is that I didn't have a hang over the next day!

    So far I'm yet to get truly pissed and have a hang over. Bet you all hate me for that

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    Registered: Sep 2001
    Location: Manchester

    Don't worry SS, you'll get hangovers eventually. I had a few years when I could drink all night and get up the next day with nothing worse than bags under my eyes.

    One day it will change. Probably quite suddenly. Then you to can experience the joy that is three day hangovers after a really serious binge.

    Actually, it was a three day hangover that finally convinved me to cut out binge drinking. I'll drink a little most nights, but never more than 6 pints (or equivalent).

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    A_B: After a long discussion once it was decided that I used to be teetotal, but now I just don't drink.

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