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Thread: New Mod for Deus Ex

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    Modus Moriendi

    New Mod for Deus Ex

    Deus Ex: Modus Moriendi will be a team-based mod that will concentrate on integrating mission objectives with normal multiplayer matches. Player Models, Weapons, Augmentations, and other items will be tweaked, balanced, and/or completely remodeled/replaced to create a unique gaming experience. Certain gameplay characteristics will also be modified to further the individuality of this mod, various advantages and disadvantages will be implemented and squad based teamplay will be encouraged.

    Position Openings:

    3d modelers
    Graphics/Texture artists
    Map artists (level designers)
    Sound artists

    Please include a brief bio and some info of your past experience, and, if available, a sampling of your previous work. Other positions will be needed as development begins so if you have anything else you can contribute to the project, let us know.

    Thank you.

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    I was thinking about something like this just yesterday!
    I think it would work really well and will now provide a few ideas.

    1. Counterstrike is good, deusex + counterstrike is better.

    2. Set it up like assult on unreal tornnie, one team attacks, one defends.

    3. Have the defenceive team set up traps and stuff at the beggining of the game (lasers, lams etc.)

    4. No respawns, more tension.

    5. Give everyone a set number of skill points to spend on themselves at the begging (about 10000 should do)

    6. Have it so the defensive team can set off alarms and put up cameras etc.

    If you want any more ideas mail me at the address below (i dont have much programming expirence so I cant really join your squad, sorry.


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