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Thread: Conversations

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    Brother Murus


    I know it's jumping ahead a bit and most people probably havn't even made there first few rooms, but how do you get the conversation thing to work?

    What I mean is, when you start conedit, and click on new, you get the screen which lets you select the missions to use, but how do you get your mission into that list so that you can select it and make your own conversations.

    If I don't find out how, then theres no point in doing a level, because you won't be able to do conversations.

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    IM working on a tutorial. It should be up before the night is over, but it just does the text at the bottem. UCC won't import my .mp3s.
    Thats probably a good thing thou cause my voice acting sucks.
    Does anyone know how to properly compile Text files?

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