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Thread: Airship

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    I've completed all of my objectives I go back to the cargo hole try to get back in the box and I cann't!THis is a beautiful mission fairly tough too!

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    I managed to get back in without too much trouble. You just need to do the right combination of crouching, crawling, jumping, leaning, etc...

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    I had no trouble with it either, just close the door, go to the other side, open it and enter (be crouched the entire time.)

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    I couldn't read some of the books/papers, and the papyrus flies across the room when I try to read it....

    Was this intentional, or is there something we're missing?

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    moi's playing this fine fm on e-level, anyway moi's short of 1g :-)

    Where is this piece to bring me peace?


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    You're short 1 g.?? Here's a loot list:

    Main floor - coinstacks in gaming room, on table = 49g., purse in 2nd locker=200g.(249), Cashbox behind secret panel in last locker = 300g. (549),

    Up the stairs to the next level - guard out on the front deck (by spotlight) has a purse, owrth 50g. (599).

    Up ladder to the top level - guard patrolling lower section has a purse worth 100g. (699), the guard with the helmet, patrolling the upper level, has a purse worth 150g. (849).
    That's all the loot available.

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    thanks a lot for your help again. :-)
    If you wouldn't exist already one must invent you!!!


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