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Thread: Help: The Assassination (T1/G)

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    Help: The Assassination (T1/G)

    going back through old unfinished missions i came across this one from '99 from Czech author Vitus. turns out i did complete all of the objectives except one, which is "return to your cart". when i do, the game does not end. anyone else experience this? some of the AI don't have heads some of the time, so maybe it's a bug.

    also, there is a locked safe in one of the walls that is comprised of two green horizontal panels. where is the key or switch for this?

    thanks for any help.

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    I don't recall playing this one, but I just went and read the review of it at the Circle. The reviewer said that the "Return to your cart" objective doesn't work, so that's probably as far as you're going to get with it.

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