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Thread: The Killing Time

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    The Killing Time

    Has anyone else played this mission yet as I would like to discuss how to achieve certain objectives.

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    I have got as far as the kitchen and the hidden entrance under the creates in the room next to the kitchen but can't kind the key or switch to open either. Have you managed to solve this problem yet?

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    Location: England

    This is where I am stuck also.
    I can't open any doors, hatches, secrets, anything.
    I don't have any keys or lockpicks so I am at a loss as I have scoured the whole area and cannot find any switches for anything.
    I can hear people behind the kitchen door so there must be a way to progress.
    Can anyone help?

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    I'm stuck here, too. Until this point, when I killed everything I could get to, a door would open. But everything is dead, even the servant, and neither the kitchen door nor the door under the crates will open. At the very beginning, I found a ladder leading up to a hatch that never opened either.

    Is there anyone that knows how to proceed from here?

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