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Thread: The Seventh Crystal - WOW! T2 FM 2002.09.21

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    Somnus, the patch for Act IV that fixes the problem:

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    What a mission!

    Hugely enjoyable.

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    What a mission!

    I know this is an old thread that hasn't seen any action in some time, but I only got around to play this FM in the Fall of 2019 so I thought I'd post my enthusiastic thoughts about how well this mission was designed. It still holds up many years later Some of my favorite aspects were:

    1) the color palette seemed like it was very thought out and unique: the purples and rosy hues in the sky, the walls of the basement entrance, and even the purplish wood came together really nicely

    2) some of the room layouts and design were outstanding; I particularly loved the kitchen for some reason (maybe my favorite kitchen of any Thief mansion I've seen) and the cozy library with the fireplaces.

    3) the writing was fabulous; one of the biggest put-offs for some more mediocre FMs I've played is when the writing isn't good. It completely rips it apart for me when the writing is amateurish and instantly kills the immersion. This mission delivers!

    4) I enjoyed the feeling of suspense some of the story points created: the voice of the haunted girl made me think some confrontation with a ghost girl was going to come; I also got really excited by the idea of the secondary objective to explore a haunted mausoleum below the mansion. As an aside, one of my favorite all time favorite Thief missions and most memorable on my first playthrough was the Bonehoard. Nothing quite like that feeling of descending deeply into the unknown, in a place full of traps, undead and mysteries. I was hoping it would end up being something like that, and wished it could have been longer in this mission, but nevertheless, it kept me very curious and interested throughout the mission. The mysteries of the "kidnapping," knocking out of the servant couple etc. also kept things interesting. I deduced from reading the guest list, which missed Serephina's name, and the writings in her room that Serephina is Alexandria; I think the mission did great at hinting things without giving them away outright.

    5) Good initial loadout of items \ arrows and guard patrols & locations. I played this late at night, turned down the lights, and decided to go through carefully trying to do the mission without saving \ loading and taking my time. Some of the guards definitely gave me trouble and needed some patience \ careful observation to do on the first try blindly. I ended up successfully doing the mission without ever dying \ needing to reload (had some small gaffes like shooting a noisemaker arrow at my own gasmine and wasting it but never anything too disastrous). I only choked at the very end of act 2 because I could not for the life of me find the switch in the secret attic. I actually thought my mission was bugged because of the unfrobbable treasure chests (I just always expect chests to be frobbable I guess, so this is my only design complaint .

    I understand a part 2 was in the works to elaborate on some of the things left unresolved, like the daughter's death, who saves Garrett in the end, etc., too bad it was never released...nevertheless amazing mission and it gets 5 stars from me : ) I'm quite new to Thief FMs...I have only played T2X and the Inverted Manse last winter (which all get also glowing 5 star reviews), and now this mission, along with some less quality missions that weren't memorable enough to remember the name of and I never finished I just hope I am not ruining my FM experiences by playing all the best ones first!

    PS: when I first learned of the mausoleum below the library, I guessed where the entrance was going to be and correctly guessed that desk was going to move aside

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    We solved the biggest mystery
    SPOILER ALERT! if you haven't played this gem, do it! and then watch

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    So he farts and everyone nearby falls unconscious, including himself? Quite a toxic guy, this Brady!

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    Eeek how have I not played this gem before.. I was getting Unreal vibes at the beginning.

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    I have a small glitch in the introductory camvator sequence, the narrator's voice and the conversation on the bridge overlap each other, before the narrator finishes. Any ideas why it's happening? I'm using the latest T2Fix.

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