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Thread: Need Help in Geller's Pride!

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    Need Help in Geller's Pride!

    I'm playing Geller's Pride on Expert.

    It's a fine mission, with very realistic construction. The environs look like actual living spaces. (Love the burrick stable! Hehe.) A good sneaker-style mission altogether.

    But I'm stuck!

    I can't find the key to unlock the second lock in the chapel. Lord Geller's key turns the right one, but where do I find the key that turns the left one? I have Lady Geller's key, the Guest House key, three copper house keys, etc., but no dice...

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    i'm not sure, but you may be after .....
    a key which was given to a servant or something. It's been a while since i played the mission myself!! sorry for being so vague!!

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    O'Pohng has it. He left it at his camp, which would be located west of the cistern, as one of the diaries states. (there's that one little spider in there.

    I hope that helps! Thanks for the compliments!
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    Spitter, you have a gift!

    Geller's Pride was the most realistic mission I've ever played (Original or Fan), in terms of architecture. You have an impressive feel for details.

    It's also the funniest mission I've played. I found myself chuckling a few times and I laughed out loud at the note in the meatball place!

    I saw some other taffer playing Geller's Pride refer to a 'secret house' with a vase? I played through twice and I never found a secret house and I came up about 300 short of the maximum (~3000) loot both times.
    Could you clue me in on this 'secret house'?

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    It's the house on the hill, where the street ramps down just before you get to the food market with the servent. Anyway, some of the land stays leveled out, and there's a door there that leads to a small room with a vase inside. In other words, it's to the right of the end of the tunnel where your starting point is. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for the response, EmperorSteele!

    But I already found that thing you're referring to. I thought you were talking about some other house. Hehe.

    Hmmm. That means there's still 300 loot to be accounted for. Where could it be?

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    I don't want to just give away the loot locations, as that would be too easy, but I'll give some pointers to some hard-to-find loot. In case you want to read them, that is.

    1) There are total of 3 FineWines in the wine cellar.
    2) One of the servants has been stealing wine, remember?
    3) There is another secret in the chapel.

    Hmm, those hints aren't quite as vague as I had liked, but should work. Happy hunting!
    Responsible for overseeing Studio Trophis projects, Richard's designs are influenced by the best of Japanese console gaming.

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    Aha! Now I'm going to have to reload Geller's Pride and take another stab at it!

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    I just did this an I followed the loot list to the letter but for some reason I am still missing 17 in loot.
    Here are my totals
    Total:3031 out of 3048
    What am I missing?
    Nevermind I found it it was the two coinstacks in the little guardroom in the battlements of the manor.I thought I had them but I must have loaded a quicksave before I got them.
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