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Thread: Problems with Mr. J's Ring

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    Problems with Mr. J's Ring

    This is in regards to one of the missions in KoMaG's small mission contest - Mr J's Ring.

    I believe that I have completed all of the objectives but two of them won't check off

    1) steal the ring

    I stole a ring down in a crypt area and that ring is probably the ring I was supposed to steal. But the objective did not check off.

    4) steal the key in the box

    I opened the box in my possession - the one inside the crate that I am living in. And there was a key in there. But the objective did not check off.

    Anyone else having problems with this small mission?

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    Location: desert southwest, USA

    TTLG member Ekim encountered the same problem too

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    I'm ashamed to say that, but I wasn't even able to get out of the starting area with the crate without being seen. Is that intended or is there a blackjack to be found somewhere? Please somebody tell me, since my voting will partly depend on this.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Bumbleson:
    I'm ashamed to say that, but I wasn't even able to get out of the starting area with the crate without being seen...

    Same here. Without a blackjack, I decided just to kill the guards. :-)

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    When I got to the bar, I just slaughtered everyone therein.

    come to think of it, I slaughtered everyone in this mission. Oh, well, I don't expect it'll get my vote on the thiefability aspects...
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    this is the only C2 mission i haven't finished, and i could use some help.

    i am up at the bar area, and i've found the orange key
    behind the brooms and bedrolls, but i can't open the hidden wood panel behind the nearby barrel and boxes and drilling device.

    where is this 'crypt area' equilibrium mentions?

    how does one open the box in the starting crate?

    is there a 2nd lockpick?

    thanks for any help.

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    I also couldn't open the box in the starting crate.

    And I didn't find the second lockpick either.

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    I think the lockpick thing is a comment from the author on how irritating it is to keep swapping picks. All the locks that can be picked only use the one pick.

    Somewhere there are (from memory) 2 barrels against a wall. Investigate these to find the crypt.

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    ekim -

    as stated above, that's exactly where i am stuck. neither the solitary lockpick nor the orange key found nearby open that panel behind the barrels, and it can't be bashed in. so where is the key that opens this panel? and where does the orange key go? (i'm guessing it's past this door)

    from the starting point, there are three buildings on the right before one gets to the big right turn leading down the long alley. i've searched all 3 and don't recall finding anything of import. did i miss something like a key perhaps?

    nightwalker? oh high priestess of help i need your services.

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    Sorry, but I didn't finish this one. I really dislike missions where you end up having to kill people. I couldn't find a sneaky way to do this one and I got fed up. Hopefully, ekim will come back with more specific help for you.

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    There is a lockpick in the total darkness on the ground just outside Garrett's "home". But you can bash that door in anyway
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    There's a barrel right in front of that door. Destroy that first, then bash in the door.

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    thanks for the assistance everyone.

    the reason i didn't bash in this door is because i only heard the alternating two sounds that define a door as unbashable, never hearing the satisfying crack that tells you you're making progress. i don't know how this works in dromed, but i've never encountered a bashable door that didn't make that third sound. anyone have any light to shed on this? just curious.

    Bumbleson - that barrel is of the insubstantial nature, i.e. can't be bashed but can be walked through. i don't get that either.

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    It took me about 24 minutes to finish this FM, but with Books not having text on them, everything setup like a Doom single-player campaign, complete with powerups here and there, and no blackjack make it a slugfest indeed. I found the key for the lockbox in the crate, but it wouldn't unlock it.

    I believe the rings properties weren't correctly setup so it remained 'an item you acquire' instead of combining into your loot already in your inventory.

    Were there no sounds in the starting crate, and did the Book Of The Dead work for anyone?

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    I have reached the same point as equilibrium - unlocked the box and got the ring, but those two objectives did not check off and the mission won't end. I assume from the comments here that nobody has gone past that point and finished it. Is this correct?

    Here are answers to some of the other questions.

    Regarding the orange key
    behind the broom, that unlocks the small box in the living crate at the start of the map. The box does not make a noise when it unlocks. You frob it with the key and then frob the box. It will open. Once you do that you will have a blue key.

    To get into the crypt area,
    take the above blue key from the living crate back to the barrel. Remove the three boxes and the drill, which may be in the way. Stand back and open the door wht the blue key. It swings through the barrel, which is insubstantial. Crouch and walk through the barrel into the passage.

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    Hoping this FM would have been fixed by now. However, getting the same results.

    As for having to bash your way around (as opposed to being given a choice) ... according to DromEd a blackjack was created beside the cashbox in the living crate. However, it's so insubstantial that it can't be seen or used. I was hoping to be able to contact the author to see if they would be willing to fix this plus the 2 objectives checking off; however, I get the feeling that they no longer frequent the forum since their last posting is Dec 2001. Too bad, I hate having to leave a FM unfinished.

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    any solutions?

    I thought I'd give this FM a stab (pun intended) after reading this thread but didn't get very far. I had to kill everyone but still couln't solve it. Did anyone ever get through this successfuly?

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    No joy here. I tried it recently without managing to finish it. Th objectives do not seem to work correctly.

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    So has anyone ever figured out if the objectives tick off in this mission or not? Just wondering if I should go ahead and count it as finished.

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    I thought I'd take a spin through the problems in Dromed...and they were easily fixed except for the ring. I made only minor changes throughout that basically fixed the bugs:

    fixed lighting
    fixed blackjack
    fixed the sounds at the starting point - removed room brush inside crate
    fixed the objectives - one pointed to the wrong object number and the other I fixed by replacing the ring with a quest object and editing that particular objects properties to avoid needing a new gamesys

    Any interests or problems with releasing a fixed version? Any other suggestions regarding changes?

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    Yeah, I also couldn't finish this one due to the objectives bug. If there are no problems with releasing a fixed version, you're very welcome to do that Iceblade

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    How do I open the box in the starting area? I got both lockpicks and two red/orange keys. None of them work.

    Where is the ring in the crypt? Just in case I don't remember picking it up: Does picking it up add it to the inventory as a single object rather than simply adding it to the total loot?

    And finally: Was Iceblade's fixed version of Mr J's Ring ever released or can I finally forget about this terrible and broken fm?

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    How to open the box: There’s an upstairs room with some barrels, push brooms, etc. Look on the floor near the brooms. Use the key on the box in your crate and THEN open the box. You will then
    have a blue key
    Where's the ring: Look for a blue room with 5 masks hanging on a wall. (In the crypts. You need the key from the box first.)

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    Thanks for the tips! I was able to open the box. Could you be a bit more specific about the location of the ring? I looked around the crypts, yet did not find a blue room with five masks or the ring itself. I'm adding a link to a screenshot of the place. Where exactly is the ring?

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    Alright, I restarted the mission from the beginning and found the ring right where you said it was, Ricebug. The objective even did tick off, maybe because the ring was the first piece of loot I collected. The only objective that didn't tick off in the end was the lockbox one. I wish the author at least had released the mission in a playable state.

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