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Thread: problem with Space Thief

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    problem with Space Thief

    This is in regards to one of the contest missions - Space Thief.

    The second objective - Get back to where you started - won't check off even though you've completed the only other objective which is grab the navigation globe.

    I even ghosted this one so as not to alert anyone and still the objective would not check off.

    Anyone else having the same problem?

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    I couldn't get it to end, either.

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    I had a look at this in droomed because it wouldn't tick off, and there's a fatal bug on the end room so it will never tick off until fixed.

    the bug is.

    the end room is called WelcomeRoom

    it should have a script attached to it called WelcomeRoom


    and it don't have the script so it wont end.

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    Yeah, I noticed that too. But you don't have to ghost, I noticed that the creator made all the AI's neutral untill threatened.
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    Here's a small fix to end the mission. Just frob/touch the crate at the start when you've done your job. Save it as miss 20.mis.dml

    //Fix final goal in Space Thief//miss20.mis.dml//KOMAG 2 Contest
    +ObjProp 22 "Scripts"
        "Script 1" TrigRoomPlayer
    +ObjProp 283 "TrapQVar"
        "" =1:goal_state_1
    +ObjProp 283 "Scripts"
        "Script 0" TrapSetQVar
    +Link 22 283 "ControlDevice"
    +ObjProp 297 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Script
    +ObjProp 297 "Scripts"
        "Script 0" Trigworldfrob
    +Link 297 283 "ControlDevice"
    +Receptron 297 "Touch"
    Effect "SetQvar"   
        "Quest Variable" =1:goal_state_1

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