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Thread: Red Ridge

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    Red Ridge

    If someone already asked this then I must have missed it, but here it goes:
    already knocked everyone and everything out, grabbed the ruby, found another way out, and got the info on my poor taffer friend. It seems like I've been everywhere but I can't find all the loot or the journal. Am I missing a secret, or perhaps something obvious?

    I really like this mission, even if the archetecture is a little plain. The whole idea of it is very creative.

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    Obtuse answer: Keep looking up.

    Straightforward answer:
    Look up at the ceiling in the staircase-over-the-lava-pit room next to the apemen sleeping area.

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    That litle nook was easy to miss. Now I got all the loot and everything. Very fun and interesting mission, though simplistic.

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    I need to brush up on my thieving skills. Found the loot alright and where the ruby and way out are but can't find the key to the ruby room. My guess is one of the two people had it are one of the creatures near the ruby room that I knocked out. Anyway, I have picked them up and splattered them on the ground a hundred times (slight exaggeration!) but the key is still not lighting up. Can anybody offer any help?

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    Cutty's Mate -
    There is a room with a pagan in it. Look on the floor under the table.

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    Extreme thread necromancy here, but just in case the author still monitors this forum: I think that, despite its inevitable shortcomings as a first time effort, Red Ridge was a surprisingly enjoyable diversion. The readables helped setting the mood.

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    I agree. It was graded very low in the contest, but in my opinion there were some real enjoyable parts, and it's certainly not the worst 'first mission by an author'.

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