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Thread: Escape from Skull of Herzeloyde? (2001)

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    Escape from Skull of Herzeloyde? (2001)

    I relocated the skull (thanks to Nightwalker ) but now I seem to have 2 contradictory objectives. I'm playing on Hard, and one obj says that I need to escape to the city streets, and another obj says I need to find the sewers and escape with my life. I've gone up into the mansion and back to the place where the mission began, but nothing happened. I went back down into the tomb and then went into Sewer West until I hit the gate and nothing happened. I have over 1200 loot, and I haven't killed any servants. What do i need to do? Thanks for any help you can give.

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    That's strange! I've never had that happen. I hope you haven't hit some kind of weird bug. Usually, you just have to go out the sewer exit down below and the mission ends. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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    Hmm, this is happening to me too!
    I have the Skull and over 1700 loot (playing on Expert).
    However, when I run outside or towards "SEWER WEST", nothing happens...

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    Skull of Herzeloyde Mission doesn't end

    I have the same problem. Good to know it isn't just me.

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    I have the same problem. 1707 loot and the Skull of Herzeloyde in the inventory after 58 minutes, contradictory objectives on how to end the mission, mission ends neither in the sewers nor back at the starting point.

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