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Thread: Geller's Pride (T1 FM - May 2001)

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    Geller's Pride (T1 FM - May 2001)

    Yes, a third topic of this subject! Oh, I'm such an ebil cross-poster!

    Yes, finally, it is done! My Thief 1 FM, Geller's Pride is done! Without now blabbering too much and possibly just spoiling something by an accident, I'm just going to give you a link. Go, now!

    Obviously, T-TC, TUG and Keep are more than welcome to mirror the file.

    The reason I'm posting this ALSO to here is that, well, could there be a better way to start the new FM forum? (well, at least that's a good excuse...
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    It's also up at the Keep now

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    Finished in 49 minutes on Normal with 2458 of 3048 total loot. While the streets surrounding Geller's mansion are a bit bare, the interiors were interesting enough to keep me engaged during a relaxing evening session of Thief. I especially appreciated the use of voice acting and detailed journals to give the mission more depth. Some of the texts went on a bit longer than needed in my opinion though. I want to mention I got the Daikatana reference at Bob's Meatballs. Since I skipped the sewers almost entirely and probably missed a secret area below the chapel, it did no see the full layout of the mission, but felt so satisfied with the experience when I completed the objectives of the Normal difficulty level, I decided to not explore any further and made the trudge back to the starting location instead.

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