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Thread: Breakout in 3:12

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    Breakout in 3:12

    Played Breakout and won in 3 minutes and 12 seconds.
    No KO`s, no backstabs, no loot, no contact with guards, one arrow fired.

    Think I`ll try again later and KO eveything that moves.
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    Taking a break
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    I just played that mission - it's good, I especially like the pipe climbing area But it took me a whole lot longer than that!

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    Hmm. I think I'll try that one next.

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    The Three Minute Breakout.

    I was going to post on this topic but I have learned that it is always best to search first.

    So, I rescued Basso in 2 min 42 seconds. I bet that one of you profesional taffers could break 2:30.


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    Even faster!

    How's 1 minute 19 seconds? Of course, that's just running up and smacking that Jenivere wench on the arse...or pushing her buttons!


    OK, first (and only) try where I *actually* rescue Basso is 1 min 58 sec !

    But in my latest full play of the mission, I'm 110 short on loot. Anyone have a loot list, or know of some really hard-to-find loot items handy? Any of the prisoners holding? Thanks!
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    Re: Breakout in 3:12

    Originally posted by Gonzo
    Played Breakout and won in 3 minutes and 12 seconds.
    Ahh... but how fast can you complete "Run Thief... RUN!"?

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