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Thread: TG FM: Lord Alan's Basement (Dec.4/2001)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post
    Welcome to the forums, kent!

    I hope that helps!
    Thank you for the walkthrough. I can't wait to give it another try.

    Edit: That helped me. Thank you very much for the reply and the assistance.
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    Hi, doing this fm for the second time now. I love it and I hate it. I'm stuck in the master's office, by the music hall. There's a cabinet with a sliding glass door behind which are two vases, I dont' know if I'm supposed to do anything there. Nothing is happening so I don't know.
    Also, I went behind the desk at one point and garret said 'Not so secret any more is it?' but for the life of me I can't find anything at all as to what brought that statement.
    There's a book on the desk in latin but that's it.
    I found the 'silver'
    I also can't remember how I got to that high wooden structure this time around. I got there once already but I can't find my way back there now.

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    This may help T1 Lord Alan's Basement Walkthrough

    Once you have found the silver in the music rooms your done in that area.

    The Wooden structure is in the east side of the map. either climb up the ladder in the workshop or find the fake Horn of Quintus and head east through the 2 portcullis'.....but if you have killed the guard who operates the portcullis this route will no longer be viable so use the workshop route (metal door east side near the cistern)
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    Thank you. Hopefully I'll get it done this time.

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    I played this mission in DromEd. Rather easy to grab 1500 loot. Easy to grab silver (flying to window is required). How to exit the basement?
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    You're not playing. This is cheating

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    I played in DromEd but without fly code. I used blackjack to fly and this is not cheating from what I know.

    Basement is in tower location (see map) on the highest level.

    BTW: Flying by using weapon is impossible at all in System Shock 2 that uses Dark Engine. Also impossible in System Shock 1 because this game is based on DOS engine.
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    Finished on Normal in 1 hour and 22 minutes (Thief Gold version). Got 3284 of 5018 total loot.

    • Complex, nonlinear architecture. Felt lost, but in a good way.
    • Excellent use of ambient music.
    • One time I hid in a dark corner. One of the guards came into the room and flicked a light switch back on. That surprised me.
    • There is a nice reference to the early fan mission "Torben - The Traitor."
    • The mission also ties in with the original mission "Thieves' Guild", which initially adds a bit of worldbuilding to the scenario.

    • Mandatory secrets. Miss a hidden switch somewhere and you are stuck.
    • The level can be confusing to navigate when you want to get back to a specific place.
    • There is an unnecessary labyrinth section that is zero fun to traverse through each time you want to get somewhere.
    • This does not feel like a real, lived-in environment. It is more "artificial labyrinth" than "basement that could realistically exist somewhere in the real world".
    • There are many red herrings to throw off players. Some are items without a purpose (gear, multi-mold, element talismans, golden skull), some are scrolls with "hints" on solutions to puzzles that are not in the mission, others are rooms designed to look like there is a puzzle to solve (cage with magic hieroglyphs floating in the middle, room with what looks like an elemental talisman puzzle).
    • There are too many keys in the mission that you have to try an all doors to find out which one works.

    Hints needed:
    I did not find the silver ingots because I did not try to blind-frob the portrait in the music hall.

    The portrait and the organ in Lord Alan's private music hall looked like the were not displayed in the correct colors: They were all blue.

    My opinion:
    I enjoyed the complex, nonlinear architecture and the excellent use of ambient music. However, I did not have much fun playing the mission because I got stuck looking for a solution to the main objective. Having to blind-frob the portrait in the music hall is really bad game design in my opinion. I also think all the red herrings detract massively from the experience. It is not a great feeling when you find out you wasted 30 minutes looking for a solution to a puzzle that serves no purpose and is only there to throw you off.

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    Username, I have textures bach, canne1 and canne2 converted to png and in folder txt (not txt16) inside obj.
    Check if that helps.

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    I confirm converting bach.gif, canne1.gif and canne2.gif in my C:\Thief\FMs\Lord_Alan's_Basement\obj\txt folder to png solved the problem. Both the painting and the organ are now displayed correctly.

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