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Thread: T2 FM: A Smuggler's Request (1 Jun, 2001)

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    Need Help with Smuggler's Request

    Playing on hard.

    I have frobbed all the switches on the ship in order, found the wheel peg inserted it and turned the wheel, is there another secret door? I thought that I had searched every inch of the ship but I still cant find the horn??? any help would be appreciated.

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    graybeard Go for a swim under the ship and check out the bottom.

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    I played this when it first came out on expert without any problems. Today, playing on hard, I have spent hours trying to find the cotton-picking rope arrows. Where are those blasted things!!!!? Already explained in the threads...In the sewer, near where you start, on a table next to a note....the note that says you will get a great reward if you go high.....something like that??? There aren't any arrows anywhere near this table. I have found the sword, I have gone through the jail system, over by the captain's area and can't get any further. I think this is also keeping me from getting any keys other than the tavern key?.

    Well, it has become a moot point since I have gotten into the weapons room and obtained 2 rope arrows. I would STILL like to know why I couldn't find any in the darn sewers!
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    They're not there, joanie. If you climb up onto a ledge above a room in the sewers (It's beyond a room with a spider on a central pedestal.) you find a note. At that point, the objectives change and you now have to get your weapons from the weapons lockup at the Watch Station. You may want to go back and try to find the note as not having it may have "broken" the objectives. I really don't know for sure.

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    Well, I guess my question is how do you get up on that ledge without rope arrows? I used rope arrows from the weapons room to finally get up on that ledge to get the objective taken care of. It's just that I spent so much time in that sewer with the spiders looking for the arrows on "that table" that I've become anal retentive. It's such a joy to be able to replay all these many fine missions whenever one wants!!!!! Thanks Nw!!!

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    I had to go check my notes as I didn't remember how! There are actually rope arrows IN that room, sitting on the table beside a note. I seem to recall it's pretty easy to overlook them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post
    I'm assuming you mean the one mentioned that leads to the Evidence Lockers? It is available on Hard. Do you have the Lift + Cell key? If you do go through the door at the back of the jail that you couldn't access on Easy and go down to the room surrounded by skulls. Frob the skull that lights up to open the door. Inside, jump up on the bed and frob the skull over the bed. That should get you started. I hope that's what you needed.
    This does not lead to the evidence lockers, it goes to the guardhouse safe, as indicated in the goals when an objective checks off when you clean out the loot here.

    The evidence lockers are located in the jail, top floor in the back, through the double portcullis, as seen in my screenshot.

    Any idea how to get in there on hard difficulty? The switch on the wall doesn't work. I know there's a panel in the ceiling in there but how do I access it?

    *Wouldn't you know it, not 5 minutes after I posted, I found the way. Why does it always work out like that?
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    Just fininshed on Easy, cuz eventually will try other two difficulty levels. But I wanted to say, even with very few weapons it was extremely easy on easy! And not getting the weapons till almost the end of the mission was just wierd, almost pointless except as a "thumb your nose at the cops" type of thing!

    I hope in the other two difficulties it is different as to both the challenge and getting your weapons earlier, when it matters a lot more!

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    That's not "almost the end of the mission" on the other settings. Try it on Hard or Expert and you'll find things are quite different.

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    Thanx Nightwalker!

    Yeah, when I realized that everything, even readables, were adapted to be diff on diff settings, I decided to try the lowest first with aim to eventually try all 3!

    I can't say as to ghosting, since I am NOT Dafydd (), but on easy - whole thing can be done with just a BJ , and a few moss arrows and a few water arrows, oh, the sword did help with slashing the big banner for the alt passage!& picks of course!

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    Call me a taffer for having never finished Richard Cull's "A Smuggler's Request" before. I do feel like one, actually, for realizing now that it's in fact a great mission I ignored all those years . It managed to amaze and entertain me for many hours. Old missions often still manage to appeal many years later, and it turns out A Smuggler's Request, released in 2001, is no exception .

    In the introduction we read that Garrett received a plea for help from an old friend of his. The local Captain of the Guard (Ash) suspects that this Quinn is involved in some shady business and has arrested and incarcerated the captain of his ship to beat a confession out of him. So Quinn, fearful the confession means his downfall, turned to Garrett for help. The player begins the mission hiding at Quinn's attic, with the latter's letter on a table that explains what is
    requested: kill the captain of the ship, retrieve the Captain's log and kill the Captain of the Guard who causes your friend so much trouble. At least, that's the job to do on Easy difficult, which brings us to one of the strongest points of A Smuggler's Request.

    The game is surprisingly different on each difficulty setting, and not merely in the usual way. On Easy the player can kill/knockout everyone he likes and it is required to find a minumum of 1600 loot. On Expert difficulty meanwhile, not only is killing prohibited, bluecoats can't be knockout and is the loot goal higher (3100), but the whole gameplay is altered. Objective numbers go up from 6 to 10 on Expert and the goals have significantly changed (instead of killing the Ship's captain and Captain Ash, it is now your job to rescue the first and dump the unconsious Ash in the sewers. Furthermore writings are different, routes are cut off and a large part of the map, inaccessible on Easy, is opened up for the player to explore. The difference is just remarkable and I can't recall coming across a mission before that did such a thorough job . Players are strongly recommended therefore to try out Expert after finishing on Easy, not only for extra challenge but to explore the large and spectacular areas that opened up, notice all the changes, and finding the extra loot and secrets . You'd miss a lot if you don't.

    Expert difficulty is quite a challenge as it forces you to avoid the bluecoats (some carrying lanterns) as much as possible (no kills/knockouts) and to make good use of your equipment, which is delivered to you one piece at the time, hidden at the most hard to reach places, while your main stash (hidden at a secret spot by Basso) isn't very easy to retrieve.
    The mission consists roughly of city streets, a guardhouse/prison and docks. Don't expect beautiful visuals (although the latticed houses and stone textures look nice) but this is more then compensated by it's size, another strong feature of Smugglers Request. It does a great job in opening up with each progress, making it way larger then the player imagines at the start. The single available map does a convincing job in hiding this fact. While it's size comes at the cost of detail (don't expect mind-blowing architecture) it's hardly missed when there's so much to explore and to do. Every part of the map brings something new and the author surprises us with some memorable settings later on, like a large ship to explore and a bridge crossing a harbour, showing us (as he does in "The Art of Thievery", his 2nd and last FM) he has a talent for creating wide, open and appealing scenes.

    Plenty of climbing, mantling and swimming opportunities are present throughout the mission, and a large number of secrets is available for the player to find. It makes up for hours of thieving fun on Expert. The mission is pretty linear, most notably at the first part of the level, but more (alternative) routes and shortcuts open up later on. Some clever technical effects are implemented which works really well, like thunder and lightning (triggered at certain points), the way to rescue the captain and the presence of rain and fog in a seperate part of the map!
    Beside all this some unexpected scripted events are implemented, providing a welcome twist to the story. Ghosting seems to be supported (save for the part where you have to knock out Ash and the imprisoned captain) although it's extremely difficult, especially inside the guardhouse. Until you know the place and find out what equipment to spend (and when) it can be done, but not until a second playthrough on Expert as in my case. It's quite a challenge, having to rely on equipment you never use otherwise (invisibility potion), although it's also a fun excercise to cause mayhem by locking up AI in all kinds of places (like the cells in the lower dungeon) or letting them fight eachother .

    I've played through Expert two times and very much enjoyed it . Overall gameplay is absolutely superb, especially on Expert which provides more exploration and more difficulty. Naturally there are aspects that aren't that strong. The way Garrett is lured into a cell was a bit annoying (when passing so many locked doors) and too much pushes the player in a certain direction. I also expected more from Captain Ash, taking him for a tough warrior instead of the harmless nobleman it turns out he is, and some objectives tick off as completed while the exact task hasn't been properly executed yet,
    But these are minor complaints considering the effort the author put into this mission. It's expending size and story progression, the striking difference between Easy and Expert difficulty, and some impressive locations to explore make this one of the best and most complete FMs released in the first years of the last decade. It delivers many hours of exploration and while using some elements from the Originial missions (conversations and Garrett sounds mostly) it also does a great job in turning in new directions, setting a standard for later missions to come. And all of this
    packed in a less than 5 MB free-download, ladies and gentlemen.
    Now it's time to drink some of that booze Quinn promised me if I did a job well done, and so I did.

    Thanks for making this and keeping me immersed for hours, RiCh . I wish you were still around to know that your work is still enjoyed over a decade later.

    Difficulty played: Expert (2 forced KO's)
    Time: 3 hours 18 minutes 35 seconds
    Loot: 3757 out of 3977
    Secrets: 8 / 11

    PS: the same review with added screenshots will appear in the FM Review and Discussion Thread.

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    I am finding this mission extremely difficult. I'm out of water arrows, and only have 1 moss arrow left. The Guards can hear and see me pretty much every time. I'm playing on Hard. Is there somewhere where I can get my hands on more water arrows? I just can't make it past one hallway with 2 lights and a guard.

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    This is a tough mission and you have to ration your water arrows very carefully until you retrieve your equipment. You may have to start again and be a bit stingier with them. I remember having to do that the first time I played it.

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    that's what I'm about to do now lol

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    It's always a pleasure to play this great mission. On expert difficulty one have to find 2 Captains and do something (bring your own Captain). Too bad, they have no names, so it's trial and error to catch the right ones. Reading hints is required.
    I gave them names.

    DML1//Smuggler's Request//Captain Names//UN//miss20.mis.dml
    +ObjProp 1994 "GameName"    
        "" Name_obj : "Captain Ship"
    +ObjProp 685 "GameName"    
        "" Name_obj : "Captain of the Guard"

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    I've added a German translation and made an update on

    As always: Mirrors welcome.

    EDIT: Added the .DML, too.
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    I just replayed this mission and gotta say it really is a great one! I love how you have to think clever, finding your ways to get on the other side of places and stuff. It also kinda has everything the thief-experience needs: Rope arrowing, hidden switches, 11! secrets, ghosting, shoot a rope arrow on a button to activate an elevator...

    I remember the first time I played it I found it really hard (having to ghost the bluecoats and trying to blackjack those annoying green-clothed guards), but this time it was alot easier and just adds to the great experience

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    Capt. Ash was a noble that I knocked out earlier but only identified as " unconscious body " . I did not find him on the ship so I had no clue as to where I could find him. After getting a clue from this forum I found him and took him to meet the spiders. Mission complete.

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    Maybe either Unna Oertdottir or that other clever fellow (fortuni? not sure) can fix that, or at least explain how to do it ourselves. I'm assuming I could edit that dml above and put in "proper" English titles, like Guard Captain and Ship Captain. Minor language idiosyncrasy.

    Last time I tried to manually install a dml myself led to disaster, however, but I'm pretty sure I now know what I did wrong.

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    If I read the DML correctly, Captain Ash should be called "Captain of the Guard" in the game. However, I do not remember where this guy could be in-game, and don't know whether I can find him and check whether he is indeed named correctly.

    EDIT: Oh, of course. Ten minutes after writing this, I did find him. Indeed, he is called "Captain of the Guard" after being knocked out. This is the effect of the part in the DML which begins with +ObjProp 685 "Game Name". As you probably see now, the line with "NameObj" in it sets the name of object 685, which is the Captain. His name can be guessed from a readable lying near the window of the room, for it is meant to be for someone called Ash.

    If "your" Ash is not called "Captain of the Guard" after being knocked out, then something with the DML on your machine or the placement of that DML is wrong, I guess. Another possible reason could be that you reloaded a savegame made before installing the DML. And then there's the possibility that we play on different difficulty levels and Ash is not always defined in the same way. Can you shed some light on these questions?
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    Baeuchlein is correct the dml does work and it is included in FMDML package, so as long as you have that installed it will have automatically been applied.

    To install the FMDML package you need to reapply T2Fix (with mods) checking BOTH Common Script Modules and T2FMDML options.

    We can easily change the name from Captain of Guard to captain Ash (he's in his bedroom) does anyone remember the proper name of the ships captain? (he's the one on the torture rack)
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    I have looked into the ship captain's properties in DromEd as well as the text files in the books folder, but there seems to be no name given to that captain. I guess it's best to name him "Quinn's ship's captain" or maybe "Captain of Quinn's ship", if you want to make it more clear.

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