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Thread: JailBreak rereleased Dec/2001

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    JailBreak rereleased Dec/2001

    I've updated JailBreak to version 3.0. This is the Final release, I never want to see the inside of those prison walls again. I improved alot of little things (prisoners standing on their heads actually lay down now, retextured some, added no objective on expert, changed AI's a bit, added some sounds/lights).

    Probably not enough to play again, but if you haven't played it, it will be better.

    JailBreak 3.0

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    Sounds good I'll update my version

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    Here's a dml to fix the loot

     //Fixed Loot in JailBreak//miss17.mis.dml
    -Link 1133 1147 "Contains"
    +ObjProp 1147 "CombineType"
        "" gold
    -ObjProp 1223 "Book"
    +ObjProp 1223 "Book"
    	"" CB10
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