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Thread: Eye of Ruthaford.

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    Eye of Ruthaford.

    First of all I'd like to say bravo on that beginning conversation! That's deffinitely the best fm conversation I've ever heard. Cracked me up. (At least I think it's new. If it was used in a thief om I must have missed it.)

    And exactly do you get the vault open? I've been searching around for a switch of some sort but have been unsecessful.

    I'd like to remind fm makers: If you have a door to a room that you don't want anyone to use: just making it unfrobbable won't cut it. You have to make it metal too because wooden doors can be slashed through I did this in rescue too, but there wasn't even a room behind that

    Pool basketball is quite fun!

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    I just finished, and I would like to add my to the beginning conversation. It was hillarious!

    Sharga - You missed a note that will tell you what you need to know. Look on the floor for a note in the first room you enter from the outside.

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    Yes, I did indeed miss that note. Thankyee, twas a lot of fun in a short mission.

    After I stole the eye and was ready to leave I spied that little trickster symbol on the glass case. So, the fool that I am, I walk up and look at it just to see what it does. Man that scared the heck out of me! One good defense system the guy has.

    And that taffer on the toilet! Hehe! He sees me and stands up in the toilet. Then he's stuck and just stands there saying "we can wait!" I wonder what would happen if I flushed it!

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